The Prime Minister while addressing to editors and columnists of newspapers and magazines in Islamabad on May 21,1998 said, Indian threat cannot be overlooked. (News). Pledged all steps to safeguard sovereignty; ask world not to oppose Pakistan’s nuclear test’ newspapers’ editors urged the Prime Minister to exercise nuclear option. (Nation). Pakistan’s decision on nuclear testing will be determined solely by its national interests; Pakistan cannot ignore the Indian threats to attack AJK. (Jang). Some English newspapers were against nuclear test but they have now changed their stance; Stance; Nawaz Sharif says, if nuclear explosion is not conducted, you will explode me.(Jang).

The Turkish Ambassador to Pakistan called on the Prime Minister On May 21,1998 and discussed with him the regional situation; the Prime Minister apprised him of the serious security situation which has arisen due to the Indian nuclear tests and the recent belligerent statements made by the Indian leaders. (News/APP/Khabrian).

The Prime Minister, in a high level meeting, reviewed the response of various political leaders they had conveyed through the Federal Ministers who visited them to evolve a consensus on the nuclear issue. (News).

The Prime Minister while talking to a 3-member Chinese delegation which called on him at the PM’s Sectt, said that his government attaches high priority to development of physical infrastructure to accelerate the pace of socio-economic progress in the country. (Nation/NNI).

A six-member special committee of the Cabinet presented a report to the Prime Minister on May 21,1998 regarding their meetings with different political leaders and heads of states of friendly countries.(Pak. Observer).

The Prime Minister is leaving for china within the next 24 hours to consult the Chinese leadership on the regional scenario which has emerged following five N-tests conducted by India. (F.Post).

The foreign Minister and foreign Secretary briefed the Prime Minister on May 21,1998 about the response of the Chinese government over threat to Pakistan’s security in the wake of nuke tests by India, an official source told the agency. (News/NNI).

Iranian President says, Iran will be with Pakistan in the every hour of trial. (N.Waqt).

US has offered Pakistan to restore its economic and military aid if it does not detonate N-test. (N.Waqt).

Pakistan is all set to test N-device; radiation proof bunkers have been shifted to the proposed site in Chaghi, reports US - TV (N.Waqt/NNI/Jang/Al Akhabar/Pakistan).

Indian Zee TV has claimed that Pakistan will conduct N-test within 72 hours; Shaheen missile will also be tested. (Khabraim/KPI/Pakistan).

Pakistan has started installation of missiles on its borders with India. (Jang).

APNS has established nuclear fund; its every member will deposit minimum Rs. One lakh. (N.Waqt).

Foreign Minister told a Japanese newspaper on May 21,1998 that Pakistan may reconsider its nuclear option if the world powers offered a fool-proof guarantee to protect its national isterests. (News). In an interview to VOA, he said that government is going to decide that when N-test should be conducted. (N.Waqt/NNI). Reached Karachi to meet Benazir Bhutto for discussion on nuclear test. (Asas).

Punjab Chief Minister says, LB polls were transparent. (News). Kashmir will not be left on India’s mercy.(Nation/NNI).

Sindh Ehtesab Bench has withdrawn Benazir Bhutto’s arrest warrants.(News).

The Political leaders of about thirty four parties have urged the government to conduct nuclear test in the wake of India threats mounted in this region and resolved that there was no need to show flexibility on possible sanctions from the US and other western countries.(F.Post/News/N.Waqt). APC has given May 30 as deadline for N-explosion nevertheless countrywide campaign will be started.(Jang). APC backs N-test for balance of power.(News).

PAI has called APC on May 24 to review the situation arising out of Indian N-device.(Pakistan).

India said, relations with Britain could be affected following a meeting in London between a top Kashmiri leader from Pakistan and a Government Minister. (News).

Indian parliamentary Minister has said, Pakistan is fighting a ‘proxy war’ in Kashmir, warning its arch-rival to choose ‘friendship of war’. (Nation).

The secret agencies have confirmed the presence of Israeli warplanes in Delhi airport. (Asas.).

Pakistan has denied India’s charges of firing across LoC. (Nation/APP).

NATO Council condemns Indian nuclear tests. (News).

Majeed Nizami, APNS President, in a meeting of Editors with the Prime Minister has said, if the Prime Minister does not detonate N-blast, the masses will explode him definitely.(Khabrain/ASAS).