Special envoys of Amir of Kuwait; Amir of Bahrain and Iranian ambassador in Pakistan met the Prime Minister in Islamabad on May 20,98 separately and conveyed their unresolved support and solidarity with the government and people of Pakistan. (F-Post/NNI).

Imposition of sanctions in the backdrop of nuclear test, there are chances that Defence tax or nuclear technology tax will imposed in the coming budget; the Prime Minister has asked for a report from the economic experts in this connection. (Jang). Pakistan has chalked out a strategy to face sanctions after atomic test. (Khabrain). Reacting strongly to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s remarks that India was threatening Pakistan on Kashmir, Indian Home Minister L.K. advani On May 20,98 said we were determined to quell proxy war by Pakistan and its agencies against our nation, reports Star TV.(News). The Prime Minister will meet editors and owners of national dailies in Islamabad today. (Jang). China will not turn against Pakistan and would not impose sanctions if Islamabad decides to follow Indian lead and conducts its own N-test, CNN reports. "Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad said that his Chinese counterpart believes that Indian nuclear tests have threatened Pakistan’s security, CNN adds. (F-Post/Nation). Chinese leadership has assured that it will stand with Pakistan in every critical situation. (N-Waqt). VOG says, China has advised Pakistan not to go for N-blasts. (Asas). Ijaz-ul-Haq, MNA has regretted to lead delegation scheduled to visit USA. (N-Waqt). Asked for a immediate nuclear explosion. (Jang). Mushahid Hussain Syed has given background briefing to several Press Attaches of foreign mission in Islamabad on May 20,98 and told them about the reasons due to which Pakistan did not yet conducted N-test. (Jang). PML has got leading position in LB polls held in Punjab on May 20,98 (Jang/N,WAqt). India and Pakistan clashed over nuclear testing at a meeting in Cartagena of foreign ministers of the 113-member non-Aligned Movement, with Islamabad saying New Delhi should be’ held accountable’ for its actions. (Nation). India on May 20,98 rapped Pakistan for raising Kashmir issue at the Non-Aligned Foreign Minister’s Conference saying bilateral issues should not be raised up at such a forum. (Pakistan Observer/NNI).

Sartaj Aziz in interview to VOG has said, Pakistan’s economy will be badly effected if sanctions are imposed. (Asas). A high-ranking Pakistani delegation is expected in Washington next week to try to pain down what the United States is prepared to offer as an inducement to refrain for ma nuclear test. (Nation/DPA/NNI). ANP while strongly condemning Indian nuclear atomic blast, urged PML (N) to go for explosion of atomic device if it was in the interest of the country. (Pakistan Observer). ANP asks the Prime Minister to take the nation into confidence on nuclear detonation. (News). Pakistan renowned scientist Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan has said that we have completed all the arrangements for nuclear test. Now it is the responsibility of the Government to decide the time. (Al-Akhbar.NNI/Khbrain). The Prime Minister has decided to meet Benazir Bhutto for national consensus over Indian nuclear explosion. (Pakistan). Gen. (Retd) Hamid Gul says, in case of N-test, foreign sanctions against Pakistan cannot have any effect on the country. (Asas). Overseas Pakistani have demanded of the government to go for Nuclear device;’ in case economic sanctions are imposed on Pakistan, Overseas Pakistanis will provide double amount. (Jang). APC under Jamaat-I-Islami will be held in Lahore today; the conference will review the situation created after Indian N-test. (Asas). At least two of the five nuclear tests conducted by India may actually be Israeil nuclear tests. The components for these tests, according to highly placed Western source, might have been transported to Indian an Israeli C-130 military transport aircraft that landed in India just two weeks before " the Indian tests. (Nation). The government’s hesitation and softness over the nation’s demand to conduct nuclear test has given birth to serious doubts, mistrust and heated. (Pakistan Observer).