The Prime Minister while briefly speaking at an open Kutchery at his model town residence, Lahore has said, Pakistan can conduct nuclear test in 12 to 24 hours, there will be no compromise on national security for monetary gains.(News/Nation/Jang). We have better nuclear capability than India.(N.Waqt). Pakistan had long acquired the capability of detonating the bomb on a 12-hour notice.(Frontier Post). We can conduct nuclear test within 12 hours.(Muslim).

Pakistan has carried out a nuclear test German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto said; Pakistan has also denied conducting test.(News/Nation). US President Bill Clinton said, the world would be impressed with Pakistan if the country decides not to test a nuclear device in response to Indiaís recent nuclear tests.(News/Jang). Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman says, N-test rumours have been motivated by India.(Nation).

The Prime Minister in an interview to WTN has urged punitive curbs against India.(News).

The Prime Minister in an interview with "Washington Post" has said,Pakistan do not want madly follow suit of nuclear test like India.(Frontier Post/PPI/News).

The Prime Minister is working on a three-pronged well-conceived strategy to handle the most serious situation in the history of the nation and has decided to send special envoys to the US, European countries and Middle East.(News).

Gohar Ayub in a telephonic interview with AP has said, his government has decided to test a device - it is just a question of when?(News/Nation). The Cabinet has already given its approval for a nuclear test.(Pakistan).

Japanese Prime Ministerís special envoy Seichiro Noboru arrived in Islamabad on May 17, 98 to deliver Japanís Prime Ministerís letter to his Pakistani counterpart on the situation arising out of nuclear tests by India.(Nation/PPI/Pakistan/APP/Al-Akhbar/KPI).

USA has threatened Pakistan with "dire consequences" if it tests any nuclear device. The threat was `implicity` conveyed to Pakistani civilian and military leaders by US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott on May 15, 98.(Nation).

The OIC on May 17, 98 expressed its solidarity with Pakistan after the nuclear tests carried out by India.(Nation/N.Waqt).

Official sources have strongly rebutted the reports that the Prime Minister under the present circumstances intends to visit China.(N.Waqt).

Following the Israeli threat to attack Pakistani Nuclear installations, anti-air crafts and missiles have been deployed on the sensitive places of the country.(Al-Akhbar/GNN).

Pakistanís diplomatic and technical efforts to conduct N-test have entered into a special phase, State Minister for Foreign Affairs has left for USA whereas Foreign Secretary for China.(N.Waqt).

The failure of the G-8 countries in imposing collective sanctions against India on May 17, 98 appear to have pushed Pakistan a step closer to countering the Indian nuclear threat.(News).

USA and Japan have contacted China to help and prevent Pakistan from conducting nuclear explosion.(N.Waqt).

Chinese Ambassador based in Pakistan called on the President in Islamabad on May 17, 98 and told him about more cooperation for Pakistan in the defence sector.(Al-Akhbar/KPI).

British Prime Minister says, India is ready to become signatory to CTBT.(News).

Mushahid Hussain Syed says, India has spread rumours of Pakistanís nuclear test.(News/AFP). Pakistan has not yet made any decision on whether to detonate a nuclear device in response to Indian nuclear test.(Frontier Post/AFP). Discussed Indian nuclear tests with Ghinva Bhutto and Akhtar Mengal in Karachi.(News).

Raja Zafarul Haq says, the 6-member cabinet committee would present its report within three days after consulting politicians on the situation arising out of the Indian nuclear test.(Nation/News).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finance have been asked to put up a report regarding expected reaction in case Pakistan makes N-test.(Nawa-e-Waqt).

The Planing Commission has recommended a rise of 16.4 per cent in defence and development allocations in the forthcoming budget.(Frontier Post).

The Indian detonation, experts believed, would threaten Pakistanís security unless Pakistan could create an equilibrium through deterrence, said former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in an article published recently in the `Los Angeles Times`.(News/Nation). Benazir Bhutto was quoted by a Saudi Arabian newspaper as saying, her country believes it must detonate a nuclear test within 30 days or risk a possible war with India over disputed Kashmir.(Nation). Summoned PPPís Central executive meeting on May 25, in Lahore.(N.Waqt).

Maulana Samiul Haq, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Shah Ahmad Noorani and Imran Khan have said that Pakistan should conduct nuclear explosion without any delay.(Jang).

Pursuant to the BJP President Thakreís statement that an Indian attack on Azad Kashmir was the next point on the partyís agenda, the Indian Chief of Army Staff General VP Malik had an unscheduled visit to Indian-held Kashmir and held discussions in Srinagar with the Valley governor G.P Saxena and Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on the security situation in the territory, reported All India Radio(AIR).(News).

Indiaís surprise nuclear tests may have stunned the world and stoked tension dangerously high with neighbouring countries, but to New Delhiís legions of poor the muscle-flexing was a non-event. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee trumpeted Indiaís first controlled nuclear explosions for 24 years as a victory for all Indians.(News).

Condemning Indiaís five nuclear blasts, US Muslims expressed apprehension that Hindu Nationalist government will act on threats to persecute Muslim minority. The apprehension was voiced by Washington-based American Muslim Council(AMC) on May 17, 98.(News).

Iranís representative to Conference on Disarmament, Mr Khurram said Indiaís nuclear test was the result of double standards of the states which oppose implementation of non-proliferation laws universally, reports "Radio Tehran(News).

According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS) Former Chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference Mir Waiz Umer Farooq has said the entire would recognises the fact that there can be no peace in the region until Kashmir issue is resolved.(Nation).

Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry addressing a welcome party in New Castle said the fundamental cause of atomic race and tension in South Asia is Kashmir dispute.(Nation).

Aftab Sherpao says, autonomy to provinces is a must for stronger centre.(Frontier Post).

A spokesman of KRL has denied a press report that a CNN team led by Kasra Naji made its way to the A.Q.Khan Research Laboratories in Kahuta.(Frontier Post/News/APP).

World Bank has shown its willingness to give Rs. 2 billion the Prime Ministerís employment scheme.(Khabrain).

Leading US lawmakers on May 17, 98 said they would favour delivery of sophisticated F-16 fighters to Pakistan if Islamabad does not attempt to match last weekís nuclear weapons tests by India. But Pakistanís Information Minister Mushahid Hussain on CBS television compared the US jet proposal to giving "aspirin for a disease that is linked to cancer.(News).

Pakistan has manufactured a new tank namely "Al-Khalid" which is being shifted to Bahawalpur for the final test.(Al-Akhbar).

Gen. (Retd.) Aslam Baig says, Pakistan has lost the opportunity to conduct a nuclear test.(Pakistan).

Military activities have increased in Doston Wadh during the last two days and it is believed that preparations for a nuclear test in Balochistan have been completed.(Nation).

The Indian High Commissioner in Islamabad has visited Wail Bagh to meet ANP high command to persuade for not conducting N-test by Pakistan. (Khabrain).

US Presidedn says, strict action against Pakistan will be taken if its goes for nuclear device. (N-Waqt).

India is ready and willing to discuss the nuclear issue with neighbouring Pakistan anytime, Brajesh Mishara, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said. (NEWS).

Former Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commisson Munir Ahmed Khan cited an Internet report and said India might have carried out nuclear tests for Israel at the Pokharan site. (NATION).