The Prime Minister while talking to US high-level delegation has said, Pakistan is in `no haste` to conduct a nuclear test and added "we have the capability and we did not test the bomb for the last 15 or 20 years, we are not seeking foreign aid`; urged international community to understand Pakistanís security concern.(News/Nation). We will respond to Indian challenge with full force; we will definitely blast if national security requires.(N.Waqt).

The Prime Minister while talking to foreign journalists has said, we will give a befitting reply to the Indian challenge; Pakistan is not weaker than India; the economic sanctions are not new for us.(Pakistan/Al-Akhbar/ANN).

The Prime Minister has launched a campaign to evolve national consensus by seeking views of all the political parties and their leaders on the serious threat arising out of Indian nuclear tests.(News).

Indian Prime Minister said on May 15, 98 that his country was a "nuclear weapons state" and would not hesitate to use the bomb if attacked.(News/Nation/N.Waqt/Jang).

Abdul Kalam, chief of the Defence Research Development Organisation said India is trying to develop a new long-range missile which can be used up to 100 times and can carry a nuclear warhead.(News).

The Prime Minister has given the approval to send delegations of parliament members to USA and other countries to apprise the international community about Pakistanís stance on the Indian nuclear tests.(ASAS/Jang).

The President while talking to a delegation of Editors Council Sargodha which called on him at Aiwan-e-Sadr said, on May 15, 98 that Pakistan is ready to face every sort of challenge and there is a national consensus in this behalf.

US President Bill Clinton on May 15, 98 urged his G8 partners to take a strong stand against Indiaís nuclear tests, but Britain said, they will not announce any imposition of sanctions.(News). Hoped a deal could be made with Pakistan which would prevent the country from exploding a nuclear device in reply to Indiaís nuclear tests.(Nation).

US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott failed to win assurances from Pakistan that it will refrain from carrying out a tit-for-tat response to Indiaís nuclear tests, the State Department said.(News/AFP/N.Waqt). US team has asked Pakistan not to rush for response.(Nation).

A White House spokesman says, it has become clear that atomic weapons have been delivered to Indian forces.(Jang).

The US has offered a 4-point package to Pakistan in order to prevent Pakistan from carrying out a nulear test.(Pakistan).

President Bill Clinton will not call for collective G-8 sanctions against India for nuclear testing, the White House said.(News/AFP).

The dangerous situation arising out of the Indian nuclear tests was discussed in three rounds of talks between Pakistan and the United States on May 15, 98 and both sides said, they were satisfied with the discussions. We were re-assured authoritatively that Pakistan has not made a final irrevocable decision on this (nuclear) question, US officials told a news briefing in Islamabad after the talks.(News).

Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman while talking to NNI said that we have not given any assurance to US delegation for not making nuclear test.(N.Waqt).

With the tacit blessing of Clinton Administration, two Senators have introduced a bill to repeal the anti-Pakistan Pressler Amendment which terminated American economic and military assistance to Islamabad eight years ago citing its nuclear programme as the reason.(Nation).

The Prime Minister has formed committees to contact political parties including PPP for a unified national response to the Indian nuclear tests.(Frontier Post/NNI).

Pakistan conveyed its concerns to France over the Indian nuclear explosions during the sixth round of annual bilateral consultations between Pakistan and France on May 15, 98(News).

The Canadian Prime Minister telephoned the Prime Minister on May 15, 98 and said, India has not acted properly by carrying out nuclear explosions; assured action against India.(Nation).

British foreign Secretary, Robin cook said on May 15, 98 said we regret and condemn the nuclear tests by India and urge Pakistan to show restraint at what we acknowledge is a difficult time for them.(News).

China accused the Indian government on May 15, 98 of detonating two rounds of nuclear tests in a bid to shore up domestic political.(News).

Syed Kabir Ali Wasti, president of the PML(Q), on May 15, 98 said the Australian High Commissioner assured him that the world will back Pakistan against any aggressive threat by India in the aftermath of its nuclear tests.(News).

Russia is not planning to send a special envoy to Pakistan to dissuade Islamabad from conducting a nuclear test, but both sides are holding an intensive dialogue, a foreign ministry official told Interfax on May 15, 98(News).

A Vienna-based official for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) on May 15, 98 called on India to swiftly sign up to the ban and voiced his "deep concern" following this weekís tests.(News).

Sri Lanka is not opposed to India acquiring nuclear weapons and does not back international sanctions against New Delhi, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister said on May 15, 98.(Nation).

The Prime Minister will visit to a number of friendly countries in the next week; also considering to OIC Foreign Ministers emergency meeting to review situation created after Indian nuclear balsts.(Jang).

Munir Akram, Pakistanís Permanent Representative to UN, has told Conference on Dismount that Pakistan would not bargain on its security.(News/APP).

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the five-week gloden jubilee celebrations of Radio Pakistan in Islamabad on Tuesday.(News/APP).

Japan indicated on May 15, 98 that it will impose sanctions against Pakistan if it follows Indiaís suit and conducts nuclear tests.(News).

Mushahid Hussain Syed in an interview to BBC has said, nuke tests have exposed BJPís ideology.(News/APP).

Benazir Bhutto while talking to daily said if we were in power we would not spared a single moment to carry out nuclear test.(Jang).

Federal Cabinet splits over Pakistan answer to Indian blasts.(Pakistan Observer).

A US Air Force "sniffer" plane has been sent to the Indian Ocean to monitor Indian and Pakistani nuclear testing activities, Pentagon source said.(Nation).

Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar of PPP on May 15, 98 said, the government should carry out nuclear explosion as its was a unanimous opinion of the whole nation. We should not sell out our nuclear facilities and before we are forced to sign the CTBT we must carry out the explosion.(Nation).