NEWS SUMMARY (13-05-1998)

Pakistan fully alive to its legitimate security concerns :Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP)-Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said Monday, Pakistan is fully alive to its, ,"legitimate security concerns," and will take all essential measures to safeguard it. Pakistan alone will decide what should be done to protect its national security,"he told reporters on his return here from Kazakhistan. Commenting on three nuclear tests conducted by India,Nawaz Sharif said, Pakistan was not surprised over it."We were well aware of the designs of BJP Government," he added.

India delivers death blow to the global efforts of non-proliferation : PM

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad NawazSharif said the responsibility for delivering a death blow to theglobal efforts at non-proliferation rests squarely with India. In a written statement on his arrival here this afternoon from his two-day visit to Almaty, he regretted that Pakistan's warnings remained unheeded. In fact, these tests were encouraged by the discriminatory attitude of the powers which profess commitment to non-proliferation, he added. The Prime Minister, while expressing determination to safeguard the national security at all cost, said these powers had deliberately shut their eyes to India's nuclear aspirations while chastising Pakistan for uncommitted sins. He assured the nation that Pakistan has the capability to respond to any threat to its security, adding on this there can be no compromise and Pakistan alone will determine what is essential for our security. He said the entire nation is united on this vital question, and the government will take all necessary measures to safeguard the national security, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said the ideological and geographical frontiers of Pakistan are, by the grace of Almighty Allah, impregnable. He further held out the assurance that the country is fully capable of deterring any threat from any quarter. He further said "While dismissing India's officially proclaimed nuclear designs, the world community not only ignored our concerns but also spoke of the assurance given by India that no changes in its nuclear policy were in the offing. The world has now seen India in its true colours with its sinister designs fully exposed, he added.

Pakistan must follow the India's nuclear test: Benzair

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP) :Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, responding India's nuclear tests, said on Tuesday "Pakistan must follow the suit and sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT)". "I would like Pakistan to sign the NPT after detonation even if India does not sign it", she said in an interview with BBC television. Ms.Bhutto said, "If Pakistan detonates, India will know that there cannot be any solution of Kashmir dispute through war". She said, "A deterrence will at least in a sense help peace be maintained in the sub-continent". Ms. Bhutto said, each and every time India pulled Pakistan into arms race. "What ever India does, Pakistan follows suit". She recalled that India detonated a atomic device in 1974, and forced Pakistan to start its nuclear programme. India developed `Prithvi' and `Agni' missiles, and in the response, Pakistan developed its own indigenous missile `Ghauri'. She said, "India has now gone ahead conducting three nuclear tests and I expect Pakistan to follow the suit". "Pakistan will probably test a nuclear device because we have dispute with India over Kashmir". Ms. Bhutto said, "Pakistan had the capability of testing nuclear device but it did not do so".

Gohar reiterates matching response to India

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan on Tuesday said Pakistan would give a matching response to Indian nuclear optionand held the international community responsible for letting India go ahead with the nuclear tests. "We have absolutely made it clear in the past that any step of nuclear escalation by India will find a matching response from Pakistan. We stand by that commitment," Gohar said in a statement in the Upper House of the Parliament. He assured the nation that Pakistan has the technical capability to respond to any threats to its security. "For the past five decades Pakistan has resolutely resisted India's ambitions to establish its hegemony and diktat in South Asia. We will continue to do so, undeterred by any Indian threats." Pakistan, Gohar added, tried to warn the international community about the Indian ambitions, "but some of our friends did not pay any heed." "We tried to alert the international community while India traversed the long road to nuclear weapons status through a series of incremental steps.

Iqbal Haider urges defence pact with China

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): Senator Iqbal Haider on Tuesday suggested to the Government to enter into a defence pact with China, a trusted friend, to stave off any danger to country's security in the wake of India's nuclear explosions. The PPP Senator urged the Government to review its re- alignment and instead of relying on the countries who did not come to its aid in the hour of trial, should have an open defence pact with China, a tried and trusted friend. "The Government must act now and take confidence building measures - and do its best to remove irritants that can come in the way of an open defence pact with China," he said in the Upper House. Referring to a book by a former Indian MP which established that America had a "secret defence pact" with India in 1965, Haider emphasized, now it is the time that Pakistan should differentiate between its right friends and others.

International community should put pressure on India rather than appealing Pakistan: Mushahid

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): The International community should put pressure on India rather than appealing Pakistan, because it is India which has tested its nuclear weapons vis a vis devices and not Pakistan.

Information Minister Mushahid Hussain Sayed said in an interview with BBC television here Tuesday night. To a question about Pakistan's response following three underground nuclear tests carried out by India in Rajasthan state, he said, "the issue is not what will Pakistan do, the issue is whether the West will be able to match its concern for non-proliferation with specific policy decision. We want to know whether the non-proliferation concerns were countries-specific or there was actually a commitment to the principles of non-proliferation, that's the core issue and not what Pakistan is going to do" Mushahid remarked."

Clinton visit to India in Jeopardy- Tough Sanctions Coming

WASHINGTON, DC, May 13 (APP) The United States will impose economic and military sanctions on India over its three nuclear blasts near Pakistani border on Monday. The decision was announced by President Clinton Tuesday morning at a White House ceremony. Clinton pledged to enforce "very stringent provisions' in U.S. law that deal with nuclear tests by non-nuclear nations. "I intend to implement them fully", he said. President Bill Clinton has also called back U.S. Ambassador from new Delhi for consultations and urged India to halt its nuclear tests. He also called on neighbouring nations "not to follow down the path of a dangerous arms race". Clinton said, he was "deeply disturbed" and Indian action flew in the face of "the firm international consensus" to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. "I call on India to announce that it will conduct no further tests and that it will sign the comprehensive test ban treaty now and without conditions", Clinton said. White House officials suggested that India's nuclear adventure had thrown into question President's plan to visit India later this year. "We certainly are going to have to assess that development as we consider our itinerary", White House spokesman Mike McCurry said. Under the statute, the imposition of sanctions "is dealt with almost as a certainty".

Indian nuclear explosions endanger world peace: Tarar

LAHORE, May 13 (APP)-President Muhammad Rafiq Tarar said Tuesday that the three nuclear explosions carried out by India had endangered peace not only in the South Asian region but also on the global level. Talking to newsmen after inaugurating the 67th annual session of the Pakistan Engineering Congress at a local hotel here, he said that the explosions had also exposed India's aggressive motives. To a question regarding the capability of Pakistan to respond to the Indian moves, the President said that the country possessed the required capability to counter such developments.