07/0800 HOURS OF 12-5-1998(TUESDAY)

REACTION-PARTIES: The Chairperson of PPP and leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Benazir Bhutto strongly condemning the underground nuclear explosions by India and urged the international community to take stern notice of the threat to peace and security in the region as the explosions have irreparable damaged the fragile non-proliferation regime in South Asia.

In a statement from London, she said the explosions would only serve to dramatize threat perception in Pakistan and other countries of the region.

The Chief of the Jamaat Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmad condemning the nuclear explosions said a matching Pakistani response will help in averting the danger of war in the Sub-continent.

Commenting on the explosion by India, the Secretary General Tehrik-e-Jafriya Pakistan Allama Hassan Turabi said anti-Muslim forces were preparing evil designs against Islam.

The Secretary General Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Miraj Muhammad Muhmmad Khan said the India nuclear tests have altered the balance of power in the region and now Pakistan has every right to conduct its nuclear test.

Chief of Awami Qiadat Party and former Army Chief, Aslam Baig said Pakistan should watch the reaction of the United States and other Western countries.

REACTION: People from various walks of life have vehemently condemned nuclear tests carried out by India Monday.

The Army Chief General Jehangir Karamat said India’s first nuclear test did not get adequate reaction from the world community which encouraged it to achieve its nuclear aspirations.

However, he said, Pakistan reserves the right to take all appropriate measures to counter Indian threats. He said the Prime Minister has assured the people that Pakistan’s defence will be made impregnable against any Indian threat.

The Chairman Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Senator Akram Zaki described the Indian nuclear tests as unfortunate and said Pakistan would not succumb to any challenge.

Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Mr. Riaz Khokhar said the international community led by the United States failed to properly heed to Pakistan’s warnings about India’s ambitions to become a nuclear power. He said Pakistan only tested one single missile while India has already tested 20 and it has developed missiles which are Pakistan specific. He said Indian government is a Hindu fundamentalist government and they have a programme about which they have already warned the world.

The nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan said we are not scared of the these tests. We had been feeling for a long time that India will carry out thermo-nuclear test.

KASHMIR BOMB: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhary reacting to nuclear tests Monday, said the freedom struggle in occupied Kashmir could not be stopped by any threat.

He said in a statement that Kashmiris would continue their just struggle for achieving their rights of self-determination.

21/2200 HOURS OF 11-5-1998(MONDAY)

STATEMENT: The Foreign Minister Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan has said Pakistan reserves its right to take all appropriate measures for its security.

He was making a statement in the Senate Monday about resumption of nuclear testing by India.

He said the Prime Minister has assured the nation that Pakistan’s defence would be made impregnable against any Indian threat be it nuclear or conventional.

The Foreign Minister said the news of resumption of nuclear testing by India has not come as a surprise to Pakistan. He said for the past 24 years Pakistan has consistently drawn attention of the international community to India’s nuclear aspirations. We had also pointed out the duplicity surrounding India’s political pronouncements and its clandestine nuclear weapons programme.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan had recently drawn the attention of the international community, particularly the permanent members of the UN Security Council towards Indian plan to induct nuclear weapons.

He regretted that Pakistan’s repeated reminders to the international community particularly to the leaders of states which are permanent members of the Security Council unfortunately did not receive the attention they merited.

The international community has in fact by adopting a dismissive approach encouraged India to achieve its nuclear aspirations.

Immediately after the Foreign Minister’s statement, Sayed Iqbal Haider of PPP declared that as far as Pakistan’s security is concerned there is no difference of opinion between the government and the opposition. He said India by exploding 3 nuclear devices in a day has not only put Pakistan’s security at stake but also the entire region. He urged United States, Europe and rest of the world to wake up to this grave situation as the time has now come that India’s aggressive intentions following latest nuclear explosions should not go unchecked.

The leader of the opposition Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan while expressing serious concern over the development said it has imperilled the security of the entire region.

He assured the government that the opposition was ready to walk an extra mile with it in the interest of integrity, security and prosperity of the country.

The Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Mr. Akram Zaki said India is working on a well devised programme for development of nuclear capability, thermo nuclear capability and delivery system.

GOHAR PRESS: Replying to newsmen’s questions regarding Pakistan’s response to India’s latest nuclear explosions, the Foreign Minister said we are considering all appropriate responses to this new situation. Final decision in this regard, he said, would be taken by the Cabinet and its defence committee.

He told a questioner that Pakistan as in the past would take all Islamic countries into confidence regarding New Delhi’s latest posture.

Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan regretted that Pakistan did inform the United States Western countries and others about prospects of India’s nuclear explosions but they proved naïve in comprehending the situation.

FOREIGN OFFICE: A high level meeting at the Foreign Office Monday considered the situation arising out of 3 nuclear tests conducted by the Indian government.

The meeting presided over by the Foreign Minister had a threadbare discussion on implications of nuclear proliferation by the Indian government, and its impact on the South Asian region.

India has conducted three underground nuclear tests and says, it can build nuclear weapons; Indian government has said, the tests would not hurt ties with its neighbours. (News/Jang). US officials said, they were weighing tough sanctions against India for conducting three nuclear tests and would urge arch-rival Pakistan to exercise restraint n responding. (Nation/ Jang/ News). Pakistan has also decided to conduct nuclear test in response to India’s three nuclear tests. (AL-Akhbar). Pakistan has decided to ask the international community to impose economic sanctions against India for conducting three nuclear tests. (News). Pakistan will conduct a nuclear device within two weeks. (Khabrain).

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan has said that there is nothing to worry; we are also ready. (ASAS/ News/ Pak.Observer/APP). Pakistani scientists are ready to do any job assigned to them by the government. (Nation).

The COAS says, armed forces would not disappoint the nation when they are asked to demonstrate any kind of nuclear capability. (Nation/N.Waqt/Jang/News). Asked the government to show reaction on the nuclear tests by India. (AL-Akhbar/NNI). Urged the world to take notice of Indian unclear tests. (Pak.Observer/APP).

Pakistan requires seven days to conduct a nuclear explosion, says a senior Pakistan government official attached with nuclear programme. (Nation/N.Waqt/Khabrain).

The Prime Minister established contacts with the COAS and Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan on May 11-98 after India blasted three nuclear devices and gave a green signal for nuclear tests to maintain balance of power in the region. (Khabrain).

Gohar Ayub Khan established contacts with the Prime Minister on phone in Almaty on May 11-98 immediately after the news of three nuclear tests conducted by India and held consultation to issue a policy statement in the Parliament. (ASAS/AL-Akhbar). Says, Pakistan reserves the right to take appropriate steps for its security, following India’s three nuclear tests on May 11-98. (News.ANN/JANG/AL-Akhbar). In an interview telecast by BBC and CNN televisions on 11 May, the Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan said India by conducting three underground nuclear tests has forced the sub-continent into an arms race. The Foreign Minister said: ‘We are surprised on the naivety of the western world and also the United States that they did not take seriously the cautions and signals that we had been indicating and flashing to them that this would happen. (NEWS).

In order to combat situation crated after Indian nuclear tests, PPP has offered its unconditional cooperation to the government and demanded to take all the parties into confidence in this regard, said Aitzaz Ahsan in a statement in the Senate on May 11-98. (N.Waqt).

Indian nuclear tests pose direct danger to the neighbouring countries; Pakistan may respond soon, reports BBC. (N.Waqt).

UN Secretary General has said, Indian nuclear tests have violated international consensus. (News/AFP).

Following Indian nuclear tests, the Prime Minister has summoned important meetings of the Federal Cabinet and other defence bodies relating to national security. (N.Waqt). the Prime Minister will chair a special Cabinet meeting in Islamabad today to discuss the situation arising out of three nuclear tests conducted by India. (News). It has also been decided to immediately call the meeting of the Defence Committee. (Jang).

German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said: “India’s three nuclear tests on 11 May were “a slap in the face” to the 149 countries which signed the 1996 Test Ban Treaty. The German Foreign Minister said: the German government ‘condemns the underground blasts, and described them as “a backwards step for international efforts on international disarmament and non-proliferation (NEWS).

Worldwide diplomats in Vienna on May 11 said: Underground nuclear tests carried out by India put a huge question mark over the 1996 Nuclear Test ban Treaty as well as risking “negative repercussions”. Officially the Comprehensive Nuclear Ban Organisation (CTBTO) said the announcement by Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee of the tests was a “sad development”. (NEWS)

Three consecutive nuclear tests in a day by India in Rajasthan will have adverse repercussions in the entire region for decades to come, was the general observation of the people in a survey conducted by THE NEWS in Islamabad on May 11. The young general is disappointed and the future generations too will not forgive Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and those supporting the decision for the resumption of nuclear tests,” said a youngster. (NEWS).

Mushahid Hussain says, the US should impose sanctions against India after it conducted three under ground nuclear explosions on May 11, 1998. (News).

Qazi Hussain Ahmed has demanded an immediate nuclear test in response to three under ground tests by arch-rival India. (News/AFP ).

Benazir Bhutto says, she was returning to Pakistan and shall face false allegations’ leveled by the government; strongly condemns Indian nuclear tests. (News). Nuclear explosions by India is a threat to regional peace. (Muslim/PPI).

Sindh Ehtesab Bench has issued non-bailable arrest warrants for Benazir Bhutto as she failed to appear in the court n charges leveled against her. (News.Nation/Jang). The government has decided to arrest Benazir Bhutto on her return from abroad. (AL-Akhbar/KPI). Behazir Bhutto has said that she was shocked and surprised over the Sindh High Court Ehtesab Bench decision to issue once more her non-bailable arrest warrants. (Nation). Ch. Shujaaat Hussain says, the government has no plan to arrest Benazir Bhutto. (News/jang/AL-Akhbar).

President Bill Clinton won’t cancel a planned visit to India later this year despite New Delhi’s surprise underground nuclear tests, a senior US official said on May,11-98. (News).