Tuesday, December 14, 1999 10:17

Dimona nuclear reactor ordered closed due to Y2K fears


Not wishing to take unnecessary risks, officials affiliated with the Atomic Energy Commission have ordered the closing of the Dimona nuclear facility over the New Year weekend, to ensure there are no Y2K-related problems. The reactor will be shut down for two days. Officials were quick to point out that the nationís nuclear facility is Y2K compliant, having passed a barrage of tests to ensure there would be no hazards associated with the reactor, but added they do not have control of outside agencies such as Israel Electric and other utilities supplying the reactor.

Dimona officials pointed out that the reactor would be on a standby mode, not an unusual occurrence and there was no need for concerns related to the fears related to the millennium bug. In addition to Dimona, Israel operates a small nuclear research facility at Nahal Soreg in the center of the country.