February 19, 1998

(Communicated by Defense Ministry Spokesman)

The Defense Minsitry announces that as of tomorrow (Friday) 20.2.98,
foreign nationals - businessmen, workers, students and tourists not
residing in hotels - may purchase gas mask kits at the "Hamashbir le-
Tzarchan", "ACE" and "Bonmart" department stores listed below. Additional
distribution points will be opened as needed. Tourists wishing to purchase
gas masks must present their passports with a valid tourist visa. Other
foreign nationals wishing to purchase gas mask kits must present a valid
foreign passport.

Personal fittings and instructions on how and when to use the masks will
be provided in various languages. It is emphasized that the kits are not
to be opened, nor carried around, without specific instructions from the
security forces given via the media.

The price is NIS 200 per kit, of which a NIS 100 deposit will be returned
upon the return of unopened gas mask kits accompanied by receipt at the
place of purchase.

Tourists residing in hotels may obtain gas mask kits from the hotels
themselves. Distribution of gas masks will be carried out on the
instructions of the defense forces.

Following are the addresses of the department stores selling gas mask

1. Tel Aviv Hamashbir - 115 Allenby St.
2. Tel Aviv Bonmart Central Bus Station - 4 fl., opp. McDonalds
3. Rishon le-Zion Hamashbir - 26 Jabotinsky St.
4. Rishon le-Zion Bonmart - 33 Lazarov St. (new industrial zone)
5. Bilu Junction ACE - Bilu Junction