Jerusalem, 16 February 1998

(Communicated by Tourism Ministry Spokeswoman)

Israel has enough gas mask kits for all tourists in the country. On
average, there are 40,000 tourists in Israel on any given day. For the
purpose of distributing gas mask kits, tourists will be divided into two
categories: those residing in hotels, and those not residing in hotels.

The joint working team of the Tourism, Finance and Defense Ministries,
which was authorized by a ministerial committee which discussed the issue,
decided yesterday (Sunday), 15.2.98, that for tourists residing in hotels,
distribution will be carried out by the hotels themselves, which have a
supply of gas mask kits on hand for these tourists. These kits will be
distributed if needed, in accordance with instructions from the Defense

Distribution of gas mask kits to tourists not residing in hotels will be
carried out by the Hamashbir and Shekem department stores. Each of these
tourists will be asked to make a NIS 200 deposit for the kit, which will
be refunded to him when he returns the kit on his departure from the
country. In this case, too, distribution will be carried in according to
instructions from the Defense Ministry.