Sens. Kerrey, Brownback at Nat'l Assembly Meet

Iraq News, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1999

By Laurie Mylroie

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  The House Int'l Relations Committee will hold a hearing on Iraq, Nov 

   A.M. Rosenthal, Oct 29, noted America's present penchant for 
naval-gazing, as it appeared in the Gore-Bradley exchange in New 
Hampshire.  Rosenthal wrote, "The questioners in the New Hampshire 
audience, so well educated and well mannered, did themselves no credit. 
Perhaps the process of becoming so well mannered and well educated had 
boiled out of them all interest in human beings except themselves and 
their families.  . . . .  Nobody asked if either man had an idea how to 
deal with the historic victory of Saddam Hussein.  He wiped out the U.N. 
inspection system he had pledged to obey as the price of keeping his 
head after the gulf war.  Richard Butler  . . . tells me that Saddam is 
already resuming work toward nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.  
We must therefore assume New Hampshire would accept Saddam's word not to 
conduct nuclear tests, or has its own antimissile system, with filters 
against deadly chemicals and flesh-eating bacteria."

   "Iraq News," Oct 5, asked why the Gov't of Israel says nothing about 
the Iraq threat, sans UNSCOM/IAEA.  The answer seems to be the peace 
process.  Of course, that makes no sense.  One cannot reasonably neglect 
Saddam for any reason.  But that is how it is.  The irrational happens 
often enough in history.
   Also, that the Israeli Gov't feels it is tolerable to more-or-less 
neglect Saddam at present is because of a strategic intelligence failure 
that crept in during the Rabin Gov't.  It has two components: 1) many 
forgot about Iraq and the Gulf war, as they became preoccupied with 
other matters, particularly Muslim extremists and Iran; and  2) many 
have so uncritically embraced the Clinton administration that they fail 
to recognize the national security implications of its mendacity and 

  News of developments at the INC Nat'l Assembly meeting is posted at  
  Senators Bob Kerrey (D, NE) and Sam Brownback (R, KS) addressed the 
meeting Oct 29 and their speeches are below.