Rep. Benjamin Gilman, to INC Nat'l Assembly

Iraq News, October 31, 1999

By Laurie Mylroie

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October 31, 1999

Ladies and gentlemen:

It is a great privilege for me to speak before this brave and 
distinguished audience.

I have been a member of the United States Congress for almost 27 years, 
and have had my share of political battles. But I have never been 
engaged in a battle like the one you are fighting to free your homeland 
from Saddam Hussein's tyranny.

Most Americans can hardly imagine what you are up against. The 
ruthlessness of his regime can only be compared to Hitlerís Germany and 
Stalinís Russia. America made great sacrifices to end those regimes, and 
we owe it to the people of Iraq to help you free your country as well.

As you meet here in New York to rededicate yourselves to the struggle 
against Saddam Hussein, I want to assure you that your efforts have the 
firm support of the United States Congress.

You probably know that we in the Congress have given our President and 
his Administration all the tools they need to help you press ahead with 
your struggle. And we continue to urge our Administration to do more 
with the tools we have provided.

In order for us to persuade our Administration to do more, you need to 
do your part.

This meeting must be a success.

You must emerge more united and more committed to removing Saddam than 
ever before.

You must agree on principles that will arouse the enthusiasm of all 
freedom-loving Iraqis.

You must elect a leadership that commands broad support within the 
opposition and within the international eonimunity.

You must spell out a program for freeing your country, and then you must 
commit yourselves to implementing it.

We in the Congress stand ready to support you. If, as a product of this 
meeting, you bring to us a credible plan for escalating the challenge to 
Saddam Hussein, we will do everything we can to help you carry it out.

If new tools are required, we will try to get them to you.

You do not need me to tell you that Saddam Hussein has been a disaster. 
He has been a disaster not only for the people of Iraq and for the 
people of the Middle East as a whole, but for the entire world.

After using weapons of mass destruction against his own people, he now 
threatens the peace of the world with his continuing efforts to develop 
such weapons.

The people of the world are indebted to you for having the courage to 
try to do something about this menace.

I commend you, I support you, and I urge you to persevere.

Thank you very much.