DATE=10/30/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=IRAQI OPPOSITION (L ONLY) NUMBER=2-255634 BYLINE=LARRY FREUND DATELINE=NEW YORK CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Representatives of Iraqi opposition groups began a four-day meeting in New York Friday and heard calls from two American senators for them to unite -- despite their differences -- to overthrow Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Correspondent Larry Freund reports from New York. TEXT: The meeting was organized by one of the leading Iraqi opposition groups, the London-based Iraqi National Congress. U-S Senator Sam Brownback - chairman of the Senate Near Eastern Subcommittee -- pleaded with the delegates to become a potent, unified force that can topple Saddam Hussein. /// BROWNBACK ACTUALITY /// Divided, you represent millions of Iraqis. Together you could represent the country of Iraq. Divided you have rivalries that you could fight out for centuries and still not resolve. Together you can democratize Iraq. Your fate and the fate of all the peoples of Iraq is together. It's together that that fate belongs. This is your start, but you must keep it going. You simply must. You can't let this stop. /// END ACTUALITY /// A number of opposition groups sent representatives to the meeting, although the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq -- a significant group based in Iran -- is not participating. Although the U-S Congress has authorized the expenditure of nearly 100 million dollars to encourage the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, U-S Senator Bob Kerrey -- in his remarks to the opening session of the meeting -- said the United States has no desire to control Iraq. /// KERREY ACTUALITY /// No doubt Iraq will elect presidents or prime ministers or politicians who will disagree with U-S policy and it is your right to do so if that is your conclusion. We do not seek to control the people of Iraq. /// END ACTUALITY /// Senator Kerrey drew the evening's largest applause when he said what he described as the historic conference of opposition leaders can take place in Baghdad next year. /// KERREY ACTUALITY /// I believe that what you do here for the next couple of days in large part will determine whether or not that success occurs. And I will pray that it happens. I will work hard to make it happen so that you and I can gather next year in Baghdad, inshalah. /// END ACTUALITY /// The conference is scheduled to conclude on Monday. (signed) NEB/NY/LSF / wd 30-Oct-1999 01:30 AM EDT (30-Oct-1999 0530 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .