DATE=10/28/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=IRAQ SHIPMENTS(L ONLY) NUMBER=2-255584 BYLINE=BRECK ARDERY DATELINE=NEW YORK CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Peter Burleigh, the Deputy Chief of the United States Mission to the United Nations, today (Thursday) defended the policy of delaying shipments of some materials to Iraq. VOA Correspondent Breck Ardery reports from the United Nations. TEXT: Ambassador Burleigh said the United States is concerned that some products and equipment bound for Iraq may be diverted to other-than-humanitarian uses. The United Nations Security Council has authorized Iraq to sell oil to raise funds for food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies. Mr. Burleigh said some items ordered by Iraq could be used for either civilian or military purposes. ///Burleigh act/// You know, and I think the world knows, that Iraq has a demonstrated commitment to both sustaining and, if possible, rebuilding its weapons of mass destruction capabilities. We are very concerned about that and we go over every contract with that question in mind. ///end act/// Mr. Burleigh said the United States balances its concerns about the misuse of Iraqi imports with a deep concern about the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people. The U-S official spoke to reporters after the U-N Security Council held a closed-door meeting on Iraq. The policy of delaying, or putting `holds" on certain exports to Iraq is causing controversy at the United Nations. Russian U-N ambassador Sergey Lavrov told reporters he believes many of the "holds" on shipments to Iraq are "political in nature." (Signed) NEB/UN/BA/LSF/PT 28-Oct-1999 16:58 PM EDT (28-Oct-1999 2058 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .