Nine years of devastating sanctions. Iraq's worst drought in 50 years. A failed Oil-for Food program. And meanwhile, the Clinton Administration remains entrenched in maintaining a war of siege against the cradle of civilization and 22 million innocent civilians. FIRST NATIONAL ORGANIZING CONFERENCE ON IRAQ! OCTOBER 15-17, 1999 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN-ANN ARBOR We are proud to announce our intent to host the FIRST ever NATIONAL ORGANIZING CONFERENCE ON IRAQ to take place October 15-17, 1999 here in peaceful Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN! The National Organizing Conference on Iraq will bring together grassroots groups from around the country working for justice in Iraq. From North Carolina's Iraq Action Coalition to Albuquerque's Peace With Iraq, from Seattle's Physicians for Social Responsibility to Boston's Mobilization for Survival, We know that across the nation there are many groups working hard to raise awareness and educate their local communities about the catastrophic effects of the sanctions on Iraq. Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet over five hundred like-minding activists and national leaders to share experiences and strategies with! The conference will also feature educational panels on Iraq's rich heritage, cultures, people and literature to strengthen our understanding and forge a sense of solidarity between the Iraqi people and those working on their behalf. Ann Arbor is a hotpot of anti-sanctions activism. The University of Michigan was the first university where students organized to pass a resolution in the Michigan Student Assembly, the student government, opposing the sanctions on Iraq. The success of the resolution was a catalyst for other universities to pass similar resolutions on their campuses. In addition, the city councils of Ann Arbor and Detroit passed resolutions condemning the U.S. policy of sanctions. Ann Arbor is a beautiful city. It is in close proximity to Dearborn, Michigan, which is the largest population of Arabs in North America and also to hundreds of Iraqi refugees. We are only thirty minutes from Detroit Metro Airport. The National Organizing Conference on Iraq is in its beginning planning stages and we want YOUR input concerning speakers, topics, workshops etc. What do you think would be most beneficial to you and your fellow activists? We want to know! We hope that this conference will provide a place for grassroots groups to share experiences and strategies that will enable us to create a national agenda to end the sanctions on Iraq. Attend the first ever National Organizing Conference on Iraq and become part of this national movement! If you are interested in acquiring more information about the conference contact: Deana Rabiah (313) 842-7010 or (734) 677-0959 or via e-mail at: