Permanent Mission To The United Nations
New York

 N.Y. June 23, 1998

Iraqi comments on the results of the analysis of the remnant warheads

 Iraq rejects these results categorically. The results cannot be accurate since Vx was not used in any kind of munitions in Iraq due to  continuous  production failure.  The Government of Iraq would like to clarify the following:

1- During the high level meeting with UNSCOM , we were informed that the results of analyzing 7 samples of 23 completely analyzed samples, part of 44 samples submitted, showed variable traces of Vx and a trace of a stabilizer in one sample only and not in the other 6 samples.  No other results or explanations were submitted by UNSCOM.

2- Iraq requested detailed analytical results for all samples and explanations of the methods of testing so that Iraq can study those results scientifically because there is certainly an error since Iraq is confident that no Vx was produced and filled in any kind of munitions.  UNSCOM promised it will send the details pertaining to the analysis of samples on June 23, 1998  but this has not yet been received.

3- The following points inclines the Iraqi side to be reserved on the issue of analyzing samples for the following reasons:

 A- Those samples were taken individually without giving Iraq equivalent samples as was agreed upon in order to refer to them for comparisons and discussions.

 B- Some of the samples were taken in 1995 to the Baghdad Center for Verification and Monitoring and remained there until taken for analysis in 1998.

 C- No soil samples were taken from the destruction sites for comparison purposes.

 D- Finding a trace of a stabilizer in one sample out of 7 analyzed is not evidence because if Vx was used, a stabilizer would have been found in every sample.

 E- Scientifically, since all sample were taken from destruction sites then the results ought to match in some way in all samples.
4- Iraq had previously insisted that the analysis of anything of importance be done in a neutral country or for the samples to evenly divided among laboratories of other countries and that these samples should be obtained in accordance with procedures that will insure safe delivery to the laboratories.  This has been done with the remnants of the long-range missile engines that were tested in laboratories in France, Russia and the United States.

5- We are astonished that UNSCOM wants to review the matter before the Security Council while an agreement was reached with Mr. Butler, Executive Chairman of UNSCOM, during the high level meeting in Baghdad, that re-examining the samples with the participating of various international laboratories would be necessary and to discuss the results in a scientific conference in Baghdad next July.

6- We were also astonished to see the leak to the press before the matter was even reported to the Security Council and for the so-called Iraqi opposition to be involved in such a leak which challenges the professional and scientific nature of UNSCOMís work.

- end -