Date:April 3, 1995
Contact:Ambassador's Office
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Statement of H.E. Mr. Tariq Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq on his trip to N.Y.
Baghdad, Iraq
On his way to New York this afternoon, and in response to a question from the Iraqi News Agency (INA) about the reasons behind the visit and whether it is to do with the American proposal on the sale of some Iraqi oil which has been rejected by Iraq, Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Tariq Aziz said the following:
" We have rejected, and shall still reject the American proposal. Our position remains unchanged, and we have explained our reasons and said that this proposal remains suspect and solves none of our problems, while it threatens Iraq's national unity and impeded the implementation of paragraph (22) of Resolution 687. If the Security Council were to adopt this American draft, then we wouldn't implement it."
"As regards my visit to New York, it has been decided for two reasons. My first objective is to follow up the subject of the report to be submitted to the Security Council by the Chairman of UNSCOM Ambassador Rolf Ekeus on 10 April, and the necessity of explaining our position in this respect to the members of the Security Council. Secondly, I intend to explain in details our position on the American proposal directly to the Council members with a view to foiling this proposal which is being met with strong criticism from a substantial number of the Council's members ."
Responding to further INA questions on whether or not Iraq refuses, as is claimed by the Americans and their allies, to sell a limited amount of its oil to pay for its basic humanitarian needs, DPM Aziz said that the idea of selling a limited amount of Iraqi oil to ensure the basic humanitarian supplies needed by the Iraqi people, particularly food and medicine, is basically an Iraqi proposal which was submitted in 1991. But the two resolutions that were subsequently forced through the Security Council, i.e. Security Council resolutions 706 and 712, came out distorted and ill-intended; for the intention behind these two resolution was not to achieve the above-said objective, but rather to achieve such colonialist objectives as would ensure hegemony over Iraq's oil wealth, fragment the country and control its destiny. This why we were determined to reject the recent American proposal which is no different, in form or in content, from Security Council resolutions 706 and 712."
In answer to another INA question on what the Iraqi position would be like, regarding the American proposal, if this proposal were to be amended in a positive manner, DPM Aziz said: "This is a hypothetical question. If the present draft were to receive substantive and positive changes, then we shall have another draft at hand, in which case we shall study the new proposal and decide what stand to take on the basis of the firm principals which dictate that any arrangement of this kind must in no way hinder or delay the full implementation of paragraph 22 of resolution 687, or contain any intrusive conditions infringing upon the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq or imposing any future restraints.

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