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Title:  "Editorial: Kelly on Iraq." Just as Assistant Secretary of State John Kelly has pointed out, in the months following Iraq's ouster from Kuwait, Iraq has launched a campaign of lies and deceit to hide its efforts to produce weapons of mass destruction. (910828)

Translated Title:  Editorial: Kelly referente a Irak. (910828)
Date:  19910828



N(Following is an editorial, broadcast by the Voice of America August 28, reflecting the views of the U.S. government.)

TA year ago, after Saddam Hussein's troops seized Kuwait, the U.N. Security Council imposed economic sanctions against Iraq. Those sanctions will continue until Iraq complies with U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding the release of Kuwaiti detainees and property, the payment of war reparations, and the elimination of Iraq's ability to produce weapons of mass destruction.

In recent months, Iraq has launched a campaign of lies and deceit to hide its efforts to produce weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein has continued to flout the U.N. Security Council resolution that requires Iraq to permit inspection and destruction of its weapons of mass destruction. As John Kelly, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, recently noted, "Each week new proof of Iraqi bad faith is brought to light by the United Nations teams which are working in Iraq."

Iraq has not only failed to comply with the terms of the cease-fire that ended the Persian Gulf war. Iraq has also continued to make the false claim that Iraqi women and children are the primary casualties of the U.N. economic sanctions. As Assistant Secretary Kelly said, "The Iraqi people are not a casualty of the sanctions. The Iraqi people are a casualty of the policies of Saddam Hussein. They are suffering because of what that man has done to that country and to that country's neighbors." Kelly noted that the United States joined with the other members of the U.N. Security Council to approve the sale of one and a half billion dollars' worth of Iraqi oil to provide food for the people of Iraq. The United States and the international community are not punishing the people of Iraq. Rather they are doing what must be done to control Saddam Hussein's renegade regime.

Even though Iraqi forces were decisively defeated in the war to liberate Kuwait, security remains a serious concern in the Persian Gulf region. The United States hopes Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states will be able to deal with any security threats that arise and that there will be no further need for using American military forces in the region. At the same time, the use of force will remain a possibility if Iraq undertakes new aggression, threatens its neighbors, or refuses to comply with the U.N. Security Council resolutions. NNNN

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