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Title:  "Security Council Says Iraq Must Abide by UN Measures." Sanctions will remain until Iraq allows the IAEA access to the Abu Gharaib military complex. (910627)

Translated Title:  "Irak Debe Acatar Medidas de ONU, Dice Consejo de Seguridad." (910627)
Date:  19910627


06/27/91 HSECURITY COUNCIL SAYS IRAQ MUST ABIDE BY U.N. MEASURES SH(Sanctions will remain until Iraq complies) (560)

TUnited Nations -- The U.N. Security Council June 26 warned Iraq that it must fully comply with all U.N. gulf resolutions if economic sanctions are to be lifted.

The president of the council, Jean-Jacques Bechio of Ivory Coast, summoned Iraqi U.N. Representative Amir Abdul Al-Anbari to his office June 27 to convey to him the council's decision, taken following an open meeting June 26.

The warning came after Iraqi authorities three times denied a U.N. Special Commission-IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) team access to the Abu Gharaib military complex. Denial of such access is a violation U.N. Security Council Resolution 687, approved April 3, which requires Iraq to provide details of its dangerous weapons so they can be removed or destroyed. The resolution obliges Iraq to cooperate with the U.N. Special Commission and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which are charged with implementing the destruction, removal or rendering harmless of Iraq's nuclear weapons capability.

U.N. inspectors, who tried unsuccessfully to visit the site June 23, 24 and 25, found signs that Iraqi soldiers had been removing equipment that might be used to manufacture nuclear materials. When they were finally allowed to visit the location June 26, it was empty.

"It is patently clear that Iraq is engaged in nuclear deception," U.S. Ambassador Alexander Watson said in remarks to the formal council session June 26.

"The United States is deeply dismayed by the Iraqi regime's unmistakable flouting of its obligations under Security Council Resolution 687," he said.

Watson said Iraq had accepted these and other obligations when it accepted the resolution, thereby setting the stage for the council to declare a cease-fire that has gone into effect.

Both IAEA Director General Hans Blix and Ambassador Rolf Ekeus of Sweden,who heads the special U.N.commission, reported their problems in letters addressed to U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar June 26.

The Security Council established the special commission to supervise the destruction of dangerous Iraqi weapons such as chemical and biological arms, nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles.

"The episode at Abu Gharaib reveals a consistent pattern of Iraqi deceit and obfuscation on this issue," Watson said.

"We have indisputable evidence, drawn from many sources, that Iraq has been seeking to produce unsafeguarded nuclear materials and to acquire nuclear weapons, contrary to its obligations under the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and its full-scope safeguards agreements with the IAEA," Watson said.

Watson also said there were additional sites associated with Iraq's nuclear weapons program and that Abu Gharaib was only a storage area.

British envoy Thomas L. Richardson said Iraq must never again obstruct the work of the commission and that Iraqi officials, at the highest level, must affirm their support for the terms of Resolution 687.

French Ambassador Jean-Bernard Merimee said his country vigorously deplored Iraq's hindering of the functions of the nuclear inspection missions currently in Iraq.

Austrian Ambassador Peter Hohenfellner urged Iraqi authorities to comply fully with their obligations. "Anything less would entail unwelcome consequences," he said.Iraqi Ambassador Al-Anbari denied that Iraq was not complying with its obligations, saying the council was raising a "non-issue." NNNN

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