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Title:  "Iraq Reportedly Diverts Food Aid Shipments." A White House statement on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's diversion of emergency food relief to shore up his regime. (910605)

Translated Title:  L`Irak detournerait les cargaisons de vivres. (910605)
Date:  19910605


06/05/91 HIRAQ REPORTEDLY DIVERTS FOOD AID SHIPMENTS SH(Text: Fitzwater statement) (180)

TWashington -- The White House said June 5 that reports Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is diverting emergency food aid to shore up his regime represent "another cynical example" of his "disregard for vulnerable groups of women and children."

In a written statement, White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater said the World Food Program is insisting on full restitution and has frozen shipments into Iraq.

Following is the text of Fitzwater's statement:

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We have reports that Iraq has systematically diverted substantial quantities of World Food Program (WFP) food shipments into the Ministry of Trade's regular food ration system. This is another cynical example of Saddam's disregard for vulnerable groups of women and children in favor of actions designed to buttress his regime's standing.

We understand WFP is insisting on full restitution, has frozen shipments into Iraq and is limiting distribution of stocks already in country until the problem is adequately resolved.

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