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Title:  "Perez de Cuellar Mission 'Unsuccessful'." Asserting that he had not been offered anything from the Iraqi authorities which he could consider a step towards peace, an exhausted UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar arrived in New York. (910114)

Translated Title:  "Echec de la Mission Perez de Cuellar en Irak." (910114)
Date:  19910114


01/14/91 1Ne Re PEREZ DE CUELLAR MISSION "UNSUCCESSFUL" (U.N. chief has little hope for peace) (590) By Judy Aita USIA United Nations Correspondent

United Nations -- Asserting that he had "not been offered anything from the Iraqi authorities which I can consider a step towards peace," an exhausted U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar arrived in New York January 14.

He characterized his last minute peace mission to Baghdad where he met for three-and-a-half-hours January 13 with President Saddam Hussein as "polite but unfortunately unsuccessful." The secretary general was scheduled to give a detailed briefing on his trip to a closed session of the Security Council late January 14.

Asked if he had lost hope for an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait by the January 15 U.N. deadline, Perez de Cuellar replied "in some ways, yes."

"As far as I am concerned, I have done what I have to do -- I don't know whether others will do something, but it appears to me that it is perhaps a little late for embarking on any other (peace) efforts," the secretary general said.

Perez de Cuellar stressed that he was "a messenger of the international community" which "as a whole wanted peace, a just peace" and not a messenger of President Bush. He said that Saddam Hussein "didn't express any desire to withdraw from Kuwait" and the question of a Mideast peace conference "was not specifically raised."

During a return stopover in Paris he talked with President Mitterand of France, British Prime Minister Major, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jacques Poos who is chairman of the 12-member European Community, and the U.S. and Soviet ambassadors. Mitterand, he said, offered no alternatives.

Meanwhile, Hamid Algabid, secretary general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, appealed from Jidda to the Iraqi leader to conform to the dictates of Islam and avoid war.

"For the sake of the lofty values enshrined in Islam, for the sake of higher interests of the Islamic nation and in

GE 2 POL105 the interest of world peace, I call upon your excellency to order without any delay the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Iraqi forces from the territory of Kuwait," Algabid said. "It is an exigency of justice requested by all Muslims, millions of men and women the world over. It is a duty to be fulfilled in the name of Islam towards our peoples, future generations and humanity."

He said the Organization of the Islamic Conference is prepared to work to resolve the disputes and "help restore the climate of understanding, harmony and cooperation" between Iraq and Kuwait and the countries of the gulf region.

"Muslims have for centuries happily lived together, by cultivating love, harmony, fraternity, and solidarity amongst themselves," Algabid said. "For centuries they adhered to the vision of building, on the foundations of their rich civilization and proud heritage, a brilliant future for themselves and for all the peoples on earth while trying to work with faith and energy for the future of a world promising justice, peace and progress for all."

Because of these aspirations, he said millions of Muslims feel "pain and bitterness" because of the division in the Islamic ranks.

Yemen, the only Arab member of the Security Council, has proposed a six-point peace initiative in Arab capitals and is expected to bring it before the Security Council. Among other things, the plan calls for the withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait and the deployment of Arab League and U.N. peacekeepers. NNNN

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