DATE=8/13/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=KASHMIR ATTACK (L) NUMBER=2-265403 BYLINE=JIM TEEPLE DATELINE=NEW DELHI CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: A landmine explosion has killed at least five soldiers and injured more than 30 others in Indian- administered Kashmir. V-O-A's Jim Teeple reports from New Delhi the largest separatist militant Muslim group operating in Kashmir has claimed responsibility for the attack. TEXT: The blast occurred at Kud, a village about 100-kilometers north of the city of Jammu in India's state of Jammu and Kashmir. Sunday's attack is just the latest in a series of attacks by separatist militants since a cease-fire between Kashmir's largest militant group, Hizbul Mujahadeen, and Indian security forces ended last week. Sunday's incident follows a grenade attack Saturday that wounded four women, including two Hungarian tourists at a religious shrine in the city of Srinagar. Last Thursday, separatist militants set off two bombs in the heart of Srinagar that killed 16 people. Vijay Kumar, the head of India's Border Security Forces in Kashmir says more attacks could come at any time. //Begin Kumar actuality // The level of attrition may go up or down, these are all vicissitudes that we will all have to face, but I do not see any serious threat to security in the Kashmir valley. This is not to rule out some sensationalist attacks - newsy or juicy attacks - that will be a part of the pattern. //End actuality // Army, police and paramilitary troops are on high alert in Indian Kashmir, ahead of Independence Day observances on Tuesday. Security forces are also guarding against attacks in New Delhi, and in India's northeast, where separatist guerrillas are also active. (Signed) neb/jlt/plm 13-Aug-2000 06:05 AM EDT (13-Aug-2000 1005 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .