DATE=6/18/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=INDIA / KASHMIR / L NUMBER=2-263576 BYLINE=JIM TEEPLE DATELINE=NEW DELHI CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: A senior Indian Army general says more than two thousand Kashmir separatists are ready to cross into Indian-administered Kashmir from Pakistani territory. V-O-A's Jim Teeple reports India's military says Kashmir separatists have also stepped up their recruitment and training efforts recently. TEXT: Major General J-R Mukherjee -- the senior Indian Army commander in Indian-administered Kashmir - - says there are several large groups of Kashmir separatists waiting to infiltrate into Indian territory. He says the guerrillas are spread out at different locations along the 740-kilometer "line of control" which divides Kashmir between India and Pakistan. General Mukherjee also says more than five thousand fighters have recently been trained in camps operated by militant separatists in Pakistan. The Indian General says Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency and the Pakistan Army operate 123 training camps for the guerrillas - providing them with sophisticated weaponry, including missiles and "state of the art" communications equipment. Pakistan strongly denies offering Kashmir separatists anything other than diplomatic and moral support. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in its entirety. Two of the three wars the two countries have fought have been over the disputed territory. Last year, both countries nearly went to war again, after guerrillas from Pakistan occupied strategic mountain peaks on the Indian side of the line of control. General Mukherjee will not say when he expects the guerrillas he says are now on the border to begin infiltrating into Indian Kashmir. During his visit to South Asia in March, President Clinton called the line of control "the most dangerous place on earth." In a recent interview with V-O-A, General Mukherjee said he does not agree with Mr. Clinton's statement -- but he says there is no question the line of control is an active combat area. // MUKHERJEE ACTUALITY // I would not say it is the most dangerous place in the world, as President Clinton puts it, but what I would say is that the line of control is definitely active and will remain active as long as Pakistan continues to try and push across terrorists. // END ACTUALITY // Kashmir separatists have been fighting Indian security forces in Kashmir for a decade. An estimated 30- thousand people have died in the conflict. In recent weeks, India has released several separatist political leaders from detention, in a move to encourage talks aimed at achieving a political solution to the Kashmir crisis. But separatist leaders say any talks on Kashmir should include Pakistan -- something India rejects. So far, there is no indication that talks between the separatists and the Indian Government will take place anytime soon. (Signed) neb/jlt/wd TEXT: NEB/WTW/ 18-Jun-2000 05:15 AM EDT (18-Jun-2000 0915 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .