DATE=9/27/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=INDIA ELECTION (L-ONLY) NUMBER=2-254353 BYLINE=ANJANA PASRICHA DATELINE=NEW DELHI CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: The electoral battleground in India's staggered general election is moving to the east of the country, where several states will vote in the final round of polling later this week (October 3rd). Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, as the country prepares for the last round, election-related violence has claimed more victims in the eastern state of Bihar. Text: Police say four people were killed (Sunday) in clashes in Bihar. Three activists of a Marxist group shot to death the leader of the state's ruling Rashtriya Janata party. Angry party supporters later lynched the three Marxist activists, who had threatened to disrupt the polls. The latest clashes followed the death of nine people in Saturday's voting in the state. 55 people have been killed so far in the country in election-related violence - mostly in Bihar -- India's poorest and most lawless state. Polling has already been held in two-thirds of the state - the rest will vote on Sunday along with other eastern states in the last round of voting. Bihar Home Commissioner U.N. Panjiar says there is tight security for the final voting round. ///Insert Panjiar act/// There is tension in some areas where we have taken effective steps so that the tension does not escalate. ///End Panjiar act/// Election-related violence was also reported from the northern Kashmir state, where eight policemen escorting an election candidate were wounded by a landmine blast Sunday. Among the states voting this week will be West Bengal, Assam and parts of Uttar Pradesh. Violence is not the only threat to polling in some of these regions. Authorities in West Bengal and Bihar say widespread flooding in parts of these states could disrupt polling. In West Bengal some schools where polling booths were being established have been submerged. Mr. Panjiar says the floods could also pose a problem in Bihar. ///Insert panjiar act/// If the flood continues like this, there may be some problem in the final phase also. But we are still one week away, and if water recedes we will be able to conduct the poll, but if the situation continues like it was on 25th September, then there may be some problem in some areas. ///End panjiar act/// (Opt) Meanwhile latest exit polls are giving conflicting predictions on results in areas where polling has been held so far. Most exit polls so far say the Bharatiya Janata party-led alliance will win a firm parliamentary majority. But at least one exit poll published Monday said the opposition Congress party and its allies are in a neck-to-neck race with the BJP. (End Opt) Counting of votes will begin on October 6th and a new Government is expected to be in place by the middle of the month. (signed) NEB/VC/PLM 27-Sep-1999 06:59 AM EDT (27-Sep-1999 1059 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .