Press Release by Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesman

Foreign Secretary's Statement on
"India's Nuclear Doctrine: Implications for Regional and Global Peace and Security"
The Institute of Strategic Studies
7-September 1999

Quantification of Indian Nuclear Deployment
Estimates* Cost
Estimates of Gen. Sudriji carried out (1985)  Rs. 7,000 crore 
($ 17 billion)
Value at present day Rs. 13,55 crore
Estimates of K. Subramatiyam (1984) 
(cost of 2O x Prithvi, 20 x Agni, 60 x warheads, deployment costs, command & control system, safety measures) 
Rs. 10, 000 crore 
Cost of Agni I & II Missiles Rs. 20-35 crores per copy
Cost of Prithvi Missiles Rs. 8 crores per copy
Cost of one atomic weapon R&D costs not included  Rs. 8 crores per weapon
150 Weapons (6O x Agni + 40-6O x Prithvi + Means of air delivery + Command and control + 3-4 Surveillance 
satellites + Communications & Reconnaissance systems 
Rs. 2,000-3,000 crores 
Costs of operating, maintenance, training of personnel to keep the nuclear arsenal in, high state of alert Rs. 2,000-3,000 crores
Total costs of minimum credible deterrence (cost of nuclear submarines not included)  Rs.: 10,000 crores 
Cost of 1 nuclear submarine (2-4 submarines required) Rs. 4,000-5,000 crores
Annual cost of minimum credible deterrence (minimal posture) Rs. 2,000-3,000 crores
Annual cost of minimum credible deterrence (with 400 warheads) Rs. 5,000-7,500 crores
Source: The Indian Express,' "A Price Tag to Deterrence Minimal, Credible and Nuclear" by Vinod Anand,, of August 23, 1999.
Cost of 350-400 nuclear weapons (triad) US $ 16 billion/Rs. 700 billion
In the worst case scenario of trade embargoes, international credit cut-offs & other punitive measures  10 times greater than the above estimate
This cost is less than 6.7% of India's GNP  -
If the economy grows @ 7% per annum till the year 2030 Total cost will be 13.7% of the GNP
Cost Estimates Published by The Nation, The News and Dawn of August 23, 1999.