DATE=9/5/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=KASHMIR VIOLENCE S & L NUMBER=2-253462 BYLINE=JIM TEEPLE DATELINE=NEW DELHI CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Indian Army and paramilitary forces have stormed a government hostel in Kashmir to rescue five of six security personnel taken hostage by Islamic militant guerrillas. V-O-A's Jim Teeple reports Indian authorities say one hostage was killed by the militants during the rescue attempt, and all kidnappers are also dead. TEXT: Authorities say the hostage-taking was timed to coincide with national elections on Sunday. The Pakistan-based Laksher-I-Toiba militant group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping which occurred in Handwara, 85-kilometers north of Srinigar, the summer capital of India's Jammu and Kashmir state. Authorities say the 16-hour hostage drama began after the militants managed to get through tight security surrounding the hostel, which houses personnel assigned to provide protection for the elections. //OPT//India's Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has accused Pakistan of being behind the attack. //END OPT// In a separate incident nine Indian army soldiers were killed Friday by a Pakistan artillery attack on a border post in northern Kashmir near the Siachen glacier. //REST OPT// Voting is taking place in Kashmir and elsewhere in India on Sunday for a new parliament. Balloting will be staggered for five weeks to give security forces time to move across India's vast expanse. Separatists in Kashmir have called for a boycott of the polls. Earlier this year an 11-week conflict in the Kargil region of Kashmir nearly brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war. (Signed) NEB/JLT/JO 04-Sep-1999 15:21 PM EDT (04-Sep-1999 1921 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .