DATE=8/10/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=U-S / PAK / INDIA (L) NUMBER=2-252663 BYLINE=KYLE KING DATELINE=STATE DEPARTMENT CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: The United States is urging India and Pakistan to exercise restraint as tensions flair over India's downing of a Pakistani military plane. From the State Department, VOA's Kyle King reports. TEXT: U-S officials say they are still trying to gather facts about the latest incident to strain relations between the two rival nuclear powers. India says its jets shot down the Pakistani reconnaissance plane Tuesday morning when the aircraft strayed into Indian airspace. Pakistan says the plane was on a routine training flight over its own territory when it was shot down with 16 people on board. Officials accused India of cold blooded murder, and took reporters to view wreckage of the plane inside the Pakistani border. State Department spokesman James Rubin appealed for calm as officials tried to gather facts about the incident. // Rubin Act // We are talking to the parties in India and in Pakistan trying to ascertain the facts, and in ascertaining the facts the message that we will be sending and probably have sent by now is to urge restraint, because we don't want to see the situation grow, and we want the two sides to resolve their differences through dialogue. // End Act // White House officials expressed concern about the increasing tensions between the two countries, which nearly went to war over the disputed Kashmir region last month. U-S officials say they want to be helpful in easing tensions if they can. // Rest Opt // Meanwhile, the State Department has issued a new travel warning to U-S citizens considering travel to Pakistan. The warning cites recent threats to U-S citizens in Pakistan and information that extremists in Afghanistan are preparing an attack on U-S interests in the near future. U-S diplomats have also been ordered to defer any travel to Pakistan's Northwestern Frontier Province, and U-S civilians have been urged to avoid the area. The warning cited threats from extremist groups inside Pakistan. (Signed) NEB/KBK/TVM/PT 10-Aug-1999 17:29 PM LOC (10-Aug-1999 2129 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .