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Official Spokesperson's Statement

Government of India have seen the statement issued by the European Union at Foreign Minister's level on Monday 25 May, 1998.

Decisions relating to India's security are based on a firm national consensus. Any suggestion that India should conform to international regimes or face economic consequences is unacceptable. India's policies will be determined by its national leadership in India's interest alone. Whilst we remain open to dialogue with our partners, we cannot accept suggestions which either contain warnings or the suggestion of an ultimatum. India is a responsible member of the international community and a country which has an unblemished back record in the area of disarmament. Such suggestions are all the more surprising coming as they do either from those who possess nuclear weapons or those who enjoy the protection of a nuclear umbrella.

India's is a transparent and indigenously developed programme of defence preparedness designed to safeguard our territorial integrity and sovereignty. We dismiss suggestions which have the effect of eroding our independent decision making.

26 May, 1998

Shri Inder Vir Chopra, High Commissioner of India to Trinidad and Tobago, has been concurrently accredited as Commissioner of India to Montserrat and Anguilla, with residence in Port of Spain.

New Delhi
26 May, 1998