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Title:  "OAS Permanent Council Reaffirms Rejection of French Nuclear Tests." The Organization of American States expresses regret at the French nuclear tests and reiterates the OAS's earlier declaration on the subject. (951004)

Translated Title:  Consejo permanente OEA reafirma rechazo ensayos nucleares franceses. (951004)
Date:  19951004


10/04/95 OAS PERMANENT COUNCIL REAFFIRMS REJECTION OF FRENCH NUCLEAR TESTS TR95100409 (OAS announcement) (310) WASHINGTON -- The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States reiterated its opposition to the nuclear tests by the French Government in the Mururoa atoll and decided by consensus Oct. 4 to reaffirm its opinions contained in an earlier declaration.

In the Sept. 14 declaration the Council said: 1. That it regrets the French Government's recent nuclear test conducted in the Mururoa atoll and firmly urges that government to reconsider its decision to resume nuclear tests in the South Pacific, and the governments of all nuclear-weapons states to refrain from all nuclear testing;

2. That nuclear testing in the South Pacific poses a potential threat to the health and security of the inhabitants of coastal countries, their living resources and their environment, and does not take into account the precautionary principle embodied in the Declaration of Rio on Environment and Development and in other regional agreements;

3. That all member states of the OAS reaffirm their commitment to work for a speedy conclusion of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in 1996.

The Ambassador of Peru, Beatriz Ramacciotti, also spoke on the topic and the Ambassadors of Brazil and Chile, Luiz Augusto de Araujo Castro and Edmundo Vargas Carreno, respectively, read declarations made by their governments after the second French nuclear test on Oct. 2.

The Representative of Mexico, Ambassador Carmen Moreno de Del Cueto, in assuming the presidency of the permanent Council, said Oct. 2 that she "deeply regretted that the French government had ignored the call of the Permanent Council of this Organization to suspend the nuclear tests."

She urged the French government "to suspend definitely its nuclear tests, that do not contribute to peace or international security."