KCNA on Successful Launch of
First Satellite in DPRK

PYONGYNAG, September 4 (KCNA) -- The Koran Central News Agency broadcast a report today over the successful launch of the first artificial satellite aboard a multistage rocket into orbit.

The rocket was launched in the direction of 86 degrees at a launching station in Musudan-ri, Hwadae County, North Hamgyong Province at 12:07 August 31, 1998 and correctly put the satellite into orbit at 12 hours 11 minutes 53 seconds in four minutes 53 seconds.

The rocket is of three stages.

The first stage was separated from the rocket 95 seconds after the launch and fell on the open waters of the East Sea of Korea 253 KM of the launching station, that is 40 degrees 51 minutes north latitude 132 degrees 40 minutes east longitude.

The second stage opened the capsule in 144 seconds, separated itself from the rocket in 266 seconds and fell in the open waters of the pacific 1,646 km off from the launching station, that is 40 degrees 13 minutes north latitude 149 degrees 07 minutes east longitude.

The third stage put the satellite into orbit 27 seconds after the separation of the second stage.

The satellite is running along the oval orbit 218. 82 km in the nearest distance from the earth and 6,978 km in the farthest distance. Its period is 165 minutes 6 seconds.

The satellite is equipped with necessary sounding instrument. It will contribute to promoting scientific research for peaceful use of outer space.

It is also instrumental in confirming the calculation basis for the launch of practical satellite in the future.

The satellite is now transmitting the melody of the immortal revolutionary hymns "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of General Kim Jong Il" and the morse signals "Juche Korea" in 27 MHz.

The rocket and satellite which our scientists and technicians correctly put into orbit at the launch are a fruition of our wisdom and technology 100 percent.

The successful launch of the first artificial satellite in the DPRK greatly encourages the Korean people in the efforts to build up powerful socialist state under the wise leadership of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.

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