CEERN Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO <br>
1613 5th St., NW,<br>  Washington, DC 20001<br>  •   phone (703)
521-5759 <br> •  fax (202) 462-4816

Prof. Michael Doyle
Prof. Bruce Russett
Dr. Edward Teller
Prof. Charles Kupchan
Prof. Celeste Wallander
Cynthia Neu
Dr. Ira Straus

Western Europe:
Alan Lee Williams OBE (Director, Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom)
Avv. AntonLuigi Aiazzi
Tiziana Stella
Amb. Adam Watson

Central-Eastern Europe:
Dr. Géza Jeszenszky (Chairman, Hungarian Atlantic Council)
Mihajlo Mihajlov
Adrian Petrescu
Dr. Nebojsa Dmitrijevic
Dr. Alexander Mirtchev
Dr. Daniel Daianu

Dr. Andrei Kortunov
Dr. Alexander Yanov
Dr. Dmitry Mikheyev
Dr. Vladimir Pantin
Prof. Nicolai Petro
Oleg Abolin
Gen. Geliy Batenin
Dr. Igor Khripunov

Background on the Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO

"Bringing Eastern Europe and Russia into NATO: Changes needed on both sides, scenarios, contingency plans, transitional steps" (1994 edition, 120 pages)

"Moving Forward From NATO’s 'Study on NATO Enlargement'" (a critical analysis of the internal NATO study on enlargement, November 1995, 30 pages)

Proceedings of the February 1997 GWU conference on NATO and Russia (50 pages)

RUSSIA-IN-NATO? The Fourth Generation of the Atlantic Alliance by Ira L. Straus

Learning from past experience of admitting new members into NATO Now that NATO is about to negotiate new protocols of accession, it is important to consider what should be the content of those protocols.

Russia, NATO, and the Future of U.S.-Chinese Relations Bruce Russett and Allan Stam

NATO ENLARGEMENT: TOWARD A SEPARATE EURO-ATLANTIC COMMAND by Hall Gardner Professor and Chair International Affairs Department American University of Paris January 30, 1999

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