an international panel
Yuli Vorontsov Ambassador of Russia
William Taft IV former Ambassador to NATO
Ira Straus Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO
Jan Nowak Polish American Congress
Philip Merrill former Assistant Secretary General of NATO
Andrei Kortunov Russian Research Foundation
John Herbst Department of State
Daniel Hamilton Department of State
Daniel Fried National Security Council
Jurgen Chrobog Ambassador of Germany
Ralph Cacci Department of Defense
Gyorgy Banlaki Ambassador of Hungary

February 1997

Foreword, by Prof. Constantine Menges

Introduction, by Dr. Ira Straus

I. The NATO-Russia Charter and the Emerging Relationship

  • Russia-NATO relations as an independent subject
    John Herbst, Deputy to the Ambassador-at-Large for the Newly Independent States
  • Russia-NATO military cooperation
    Ralph Cacci, Department of Defense, International Security Policy
  • NATO enlargement without Russia: a mistake on four counts
    Yuli Vorontsov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the U.S.
  • Structuring a NATO-Russia partnership
    Jurgen Chrobog, Ambassador of Germany to the U.S.
  • NATO and Russia as the two essential parties in European security
    William Taft IV, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO
  • Expansion is bad for NATO
    Philip Merrill, former Assistant Secretary General of NATO
  • Discussion

    II. The question of Russian Membership in NATO

  • Full Russian membership as a bond to the West
    Andrei Kortunov, President, Russian Reserach Foundation
  • How enlargement should proceed after the first tranche
    Charles Kupchan, Senior Fellow, CFR, and Professor, Georgetown University
  • Informal Russian membership on the NATO Council
    Jonathan Dean, former U.S. Ambassador to MBFR negotiations
  • Enlargement without Russia yet
    Bruce Weinrod, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1989-1993
  • Russia's role in the fourth generation of the Atlantic Alliance
    Ira Straus, U.S. Coordinator of the Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO
  • Discussion

    III. Perspectives on NATO, Russia and future European security

  • Western institutions extending eastward
    Daniel Hamilton, Department of State Policy Planning Staff
  • Russia-NATO relations and NATO enlargement to Central Europe
    Daniel Fried, National Security Council
  • Stampede or Tortoise Pace? The long march of Central Europe into NATO
    Gyorgy Banlaki, Ambassador of Hungary to the U.S.
  • NATO's role in taming nationalism in the new Europe
    Jan Nowak, Chairman, Polish-American Congress, 1979-1996
  • Regionalization of Security and Russia's place in Europe
    Phillip Petersen, Director of Russian Studies, Potomac Foundation

    Constantine C. Menges, Editor
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