Cost-Effectiveness of Conventionally and Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers
GAO/NSIAD-98-1 -- August 1998

MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS REPORT ======================================================== Appendix VIII NATIONAL SECURITY AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS DIVISION, WASHINGTON, D.C. Richard J. Herley, Assistant Director Roderick W. Rodgers, Evaluator-in-charge Kenneth W. Newell, Sr. Evaluator Joseph P. Raffa, Sr. Evaluator Madelon B. Savaides, Sr. Evaluator Tim F. Stone, Sr. Evaluator NORFOLK FIELD OFFICE Brenda Waterfield, Sr. Evaluator Mary Jo LaCasse, Evaluator OFFICE OF THE CHIEF ECONOMIST, WASHINGTON, D.C. William McNaught, Assistant Director Harold J. Brumm, Senior Economist Several other persons assisted during the assignment, including Edna Thea Falk, Rick Yeh, and Steve Katz. Mark Wielgoszynski provided advice in defining the methodology and approach and reviewed the draft report. Data analysis quality assurance checks were performed by Ricardo Aguilera, Anthony DeFrank, Fred Dziadek, Bob Kenyon, Marc Schwartz, and Dale Wineholt. RELATED GAO PRODUCTS ============================================================ Chapter 1 Surface Combatants: Navy Faces Challenges Sustaining Its Current Program (GAO/NSIAD-97-57, May 21, 1997). Nuclear Waste: Impediments to Completing the Yucca Mountain Repository Project (GAO/RCED-97-30, Jan. 17, 1997). New Attack Submarine: Program Status (GAO/NSIAD-97-25, Dec. 3, 1996). Defense Infrastructure: Budget Estimates For 1996-2001 Offer Little Savings for Modernization (GAO/NSIAD-96-131, Apr. 4, 1996). Marine Corps: Improving Amphibious Capability Would Require Larger Share of Budget Than Previously Provided (GAO/NSIAD-96-47, Feb. 13, 1996). Future Years Defense Program: 1996 Program Is Considerably Different From the 1995 Program (Letter Report GAO/NSIAD-95-213, Sept. 15, 1995). Nuclear Carrier Homeporting (GAO/NSIAD-95-146R, Apr. 21, 1995). Navy's Aircraft Carrier Program: Investment Strategy Options (GAO/NSIAD-95-17, Jan. 1995). Nuclear Waste: Comprehensive Review of the Disposal Program Is Needed (GAO/RCED-94-299, Sept. 27, 1994). Nuclear Waste: Foreign Countries Approaches to High-Level Waste Storage and Disposal (GAO/RCED-94-172, Aug. 4, 1994). Future Years Defense Program: Optimistic Estimates Lead to Billions in Overprogramming (GAO/NSIAD-94-210, July 29, 1994). Navy Modernization: Alternatives for Achieving a More Affordable Force (GAO/T-NSIAD-94-171, Apr. 26, 1994). Navy Carrier Battle Groups: The Structure and Affordability of the Future Force (GAO/NSIAD-93-74, Feb. 25, 1993). Navy Maintenance: Overseas Ship Repairs and Associated Costs (GAO/NSIAD-93-61, Nov. 13, 1992). Nuclear Submarines: Navy Efforts to Reduce Inactivation Costs (GAO/NSIAD-92-134, July 21, 1992). Nuclear-Powered Ships: Accounting for Shipyard Costs and Nuclear Waste Disposal Plans (GAO/NSIAD-92-256, July 1, 1992). *** End of document. ***