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Strategic Sealift: Summary of Workshop on Crewing the Ready Reserve Force
(Letter Report, 06/06/94, GAO/NSIAD-94-177).

GAO sponsored a workshop in April 1994 on crewing of the Ready Reserve
Force (RRF) to (1) discuss the impact of the declining U.S. merchant
marine manpower pool on U.S. sealift capability, (2) identify
impediments to timely crewing, and (3) discuss various crewing
proposals. Participants included representatives from government
agencies, commercial ship managers, and organized maritime labor.
Highlighted points that the workshop attendees agreed on included the
following: The key to crewing RRF is maintaining a viable U.S. merchant
marine industry. The current state of the U.S. maritime industry demands
passage of reemployment rights for mariners who volunteer to RRF duty
during a crisis. Some form of permanently assigned crews would help
maintain a base of skills and experience to run RRF ships. Cooperation
among the groups involved with crewing RRF is needed to resolve many
issues, such as improvement of the mariner database.

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     TITLE:  Strategic Sealift: Summary of Workshop on Crewing the Ready 
             Reserve Force
      DATE:  06/06/94
   SUBJECT:  Defense contingency planning
             Human resources utilization
             Military vessels
             Merchant marine
             Emergency preparedness
             Strategic mobility forces
             Management information systems
             Shipping industry
             Military reserve personnel
             Marine transportation operations
IDENTIFIER:  Ready Reserve Force

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