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Air Force Bombers: Conventional Capabilities of the B-1B Bomber
(Testimony, 05/04/94, GAO/T-NSIAD-94-169).

In GAO's view, the jury is still out on just how effective the B-1B
aircraft will be as a conventional bomber.  Adapting the aircraft from a
nuclear to a conventional role entails many new requirements--mainly
relating to maintaining the plane's mission capability after repeated
conventional sorties--and the extent to which the B-1B will be able to
meet the increased requirements has yet to be determined.  This
testimony focuses on the B-1B force structure, the Conventional Mission
Upgrade Program, the status of some of the bomber's recently reported
operational problems, and the congressionally mandated six-month
operational readiness assessment.

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     TITLE:  Air Force Bombers: Conventional Capabilities of the B-1B 
      DATE:  05/04/94
   SUBJECT:  Bomber aircraft
             Military operations
             Tactical air forces
             Defense contingency planning
             Air defense systems
             Combat readiness
             Defense capabilities
             Military aircraft
             Product performance evaluation
             Production engineering
IDENTIFIER:  B-1B Aircraft
             B-52 Aircraft
             Air Force Conventional Mission Upgrade Program
             Air Force Bomber Roadmap
             Desert Storm
             Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile
             Joint Standoff Weapon
             Joint Direct Attack Weapon
             NAVSTAR Global Positioning System

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