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Air Combat Command
Mission Area Plans (MAPs)

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Air Superiority

Precision Employment

Readiness & Sustainment

Information Dominance

Air Superiority

Global Mobility

The Mission Area Plans (MAPs) documents are the key products of Modernization Planning. Based upon National Strategy-To-Task (STT) analyses, these MAPs evaluate all aspects of Air Force mission areas, pinpoints deficiencies, and show how the Air Force plans to affordably overcome those deficiencies to achieve the combat capability it needs in the future. The documents are a combination of descriptive paragraphs and diagrams summarizing the Mission Area, the implementation CONOPs, the deficiencies identified and prioritized deficiency corrections (Solutions). For 1996 there were twelve MAPs. In 1996 the Counter Information MAP was implemented. All follow on MAPs will be produced on a two year cycle. The next publication will be in FY98, and will have the following changes: Force Application will replace Close Air Support & Strategic Attack/Interdiction, Counter Air and Theater Missile Defense will be combined into a single Aerospace Control MAP. (References: AFPD 10-14, AFI 10-1401)

Sources and Methods

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