CWPC Contingency Wartime Planning CourseCWPC Contingency Wartime Planning Course

Chapter 1



AAFIF Automated Airfield Facilities Information File

AAR After Action Reports

AAS Aeromedical Airlift Squadron

AB Air Base

ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center

ACC Air Combat Command / Air Component Command / Air Control

Center / Alternate Command Center / Area Communications


ACE Allied Command Europe

ACFT or A/C Aircraft

ACLANT Allied Command Atlantic (NATO)

ACOM US Atlantic Command

AD Priority Add-On / Air Division / Air Defense

ADANS Aircraft Deployment Analysis System

ADCON Administrative Control

ADP Automated Data Processing

ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment

ADVON Advanced Echelon

AECC Aeromedical Evacuation Control Center

AFAARS Air Force After Action Reporting System

AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)

AFECG Air Force Exercise Control Group

AFEP Air Force Exercise Program

AFFOR Air Force Forces

AFRAP Air Force Remedial Action Program

AFMEA Air Force Management Engineering Agency

AFPC Air Force Military Personnel Center

AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)

AFSC Air Force Specially Code / Air Force Systems Command

AFWMPRT Air Force Wartime Manpower and Personnel Readiness Team

AGE Aerospace Ground Equipment

AI Air Interdiction

AKA Also Known As

ALC Air Logistics Center

ALCC Airlift Control Center

ALD Available-to-Load Date

ALOC Air Line of Communications

ALCON All concerned

AMC Air Mobility Command / Army Materiel Command

AME Aircraft Movement Element

ANG Air National Guard

ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center

AO Action Officer / Area of Operation

AOA Amphibious Objective Area

AOC Air Operations Center

AOR Area of Responsibility

APO Army or Air Force Post Office

APOD Aerial Port of Debarkation

APOE Aerial Port of Embarkation

APORTS Aerial Ports and Air Operating Bases File

ARC Air Reserve Component

AREFS/ARS Air Refueling Squadron

ARF Air Reserve Forces

ARFOR Army Forces

ARG Amphibious Ready Group

ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service

ASD Aeromedical Systems Division / Assistant Secretary of Defense

ASR Air-Sea Rescue / Available Supply Rate

ASSETS Transportation Assets File

ASW Antisubmarine Warfare

ATCO Air Traffic Coordinating Office

ATO Air Tasking Order

AU Air University

AUTH Authorized Personnel

AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network

AVGAS Aviation Gasoline


BAA Backup Aircraft Authorized

BAI Backup Aircraft Inventory / Battlefield Air Interdiction

BB Bare Base

BBLS Barrels (Equals 42 Gallons)

BDA Bomb Damage Assessment

Bde Brigade

BES Budget Estimate Submission

BLA Base Level Assessment

BLMPS Base Level Military Personnel System

BMCH4I Battle Management Command, Control, Communications,

Computers and Intelligence

BOD Beneficial Occupancy Date

BOS Base Operating Support

BSC Battle Staff Commander

BSE Base Support Element

BSP Base Support Plan

BSPC Base Support Planning Committee

BUR Bottom Up Review

BW Biological Warfare



C2 Command and Control

C3CM Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures

C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

C4 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

C41FTW C41 For the Warrior

CA Counter Air / Civic Action / Civil Affairs / Convening Authority

CAI Computer-Aided Instruction

CAOC Combat Air Operations Center

CAP Crisis Action Procedures / Combat Air Patrol / Civil Air Patrol

CAS Close Air Support / Crisis Action System

CAT Crisis Action Team

CATF Commander Amphibious Task Force

CC Command and Control / Command Center / Commander

CCB Configuration Control Board

CCC Cargo Category Code

CCT Combat Control Team

CWDE Chemical Warfare Defense Equipment

CDF Cargo Deployment Function

CE Civil Engineering /Command Element

CEOI Communications-Electronics Operating Instruction

CESP Civil Engineering Support Plan

CHOP Change of Operational Control

CHSTR Characteristics of Transportation Resource File

CI Civilian Internees / Counterintelligence / Critical Information

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIC Container Identification Code /Combat Information Code

CIN Cargo Increment Number

CINC Commander-in-Chief

CJCS Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJTF Commander Joint Task Force (Also COMJTF)

CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps

CNO Chief Naval Operations

COA Course of Action

COB Collocated Operating Base / Close of Business

COCOM Combatant Command (Authority)

COMINT Communications Intelligence

COMJTF Commander Joint Task Force (Also CJTF)

COMPES Contingency Operations / Mobility Planning and Execution


COMSEC Communications Security

COMUSJTF Commander US Joint Task Force

CONOPS Concept of Operations

CONPLAN Concept Plan (Operation Plan in concept format)

CONUS Continental United States

COP Continuity Operations Plan

COSIN Control Staff Instructions

CP Command Post

CPA Chairman's Program Assessment (JSPS)

CPG Contingency Planning Guidance

CPU Central Processing Unit

CPX Command Post Exercise

CRA Command Relationships Agreement / Continuing Resolution Authority

CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet

CRC Control and Reporting Center

CRD CINC's Required Date

CRITIC Critical Intelligence Report

CRITICOMM Critical Intelligence Communications System

CRP Combat Reporting Post / Control and Reporting Post

CS Combat Support /Chief of Staff

CSA Chief of Staff Army

CSAF Chief of Staff Air Force

CSG Cryptologic Support Group / Combat Support Group

CSS Contingency Support Staff / Combat Service Support

CVBG Carrier Battle Group

CVTG Carrier Task Group

CW Chemical Warfare

CUP Core UTC Package


DA Department of the Army

DAO Defense Attache Office

DART Dynamic Analysis Replanning Tool/Disaster Assistance Response


DAS Defense Analysis System / Defense Attache Service / Direct Air Support / Directorate of Administrative Services

DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

DBMS Data Base Management System

DCA Defensive Counter Air

DCAPES Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Graphical Execution D


DCC Deployment Control Center (AFI 10-403)

DCINC Deputy Commander in Chief

DCP Decision Coordinating Paper/Distributed Collaborative Planning

DCS Defense Communications System / Deputy Chief of Staff

DDN Defense Data Network

DE Damage Estimation, Deployment Echelon / Damage Expectancy

DEFCON Defense Readiness Condition

DEPID Deployment Indicator Code

DET Detachment / Detainees

DFM Deterrent Force Module

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DIRLAUTH Direct Liaison Authorized

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

DJS Director Joint Staff

DJSM Director Joint Staff Memorandum

DLA Defense Logistics Agency

DM Memorandum prepared by the JCS Joint Staff Director

DMD Deployment Manning Document

DMT Deployment Management Team

DNA Defense Nuclear Agency

DNBI Disease Non-Battle Injury

DOB Date of Birth / Deployment Operating Base / Dispersed

Operating Base

DOC Designed Operational Capability

DOD Department of Defense

DON Department of the Navy

DOS Department of State / Days of Supply

DPG Defense Planning Guidance

DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board

DPRK Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

DRU Direct Reporting Unit

DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System

DSN Defense Switching Network

DTG Date-Time-Group

DTS Diplomatic Telecommunications System/Defense Transportation



EAD Earliest Arrival Date

EAID Equipment Authorization Inventory Data

EAM Emergency Action Message

EAP Emergency Action Procedures

EBS Emergency Broadcasting System

ECCM Electronic Counter-countermeasures

ECG Exercise Control Group

ECM Electronic Countermeasures

ECP Entry Control Point / Emergency Command Post /

Engineering Change Proposal

EDD Estimated Departure Date / Estimated Delivery Date

EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information

EEI Essential Elements of Information

EF&I Engineer, Furnish, and Install

EFTO Encrypted for Transmission Only

ELINT Electronic Intelligence

EMCON Emission Control / Emergency Condition

ENDEX End of Exercise

EOD Estimated Operational Date / Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOM End of Message (Mission)(Month)

EPW Enemy Prisoner of War

EPSF Expenditure Per Sortie Factor

ETA Estimated Time of Arrival

ETD Estimated Time of Departure

EW Electronic Warfare / Early Warning

EXORD Exercise Order

EXPLAN Exercise Plan

EXSUM Exercise Summary


FA Functional Area

FAC Functional Account Code / Forward Air Controller

FAD Force Activity Designator / Feasible Arrival Date

FAM Functional Area Manager

FDO Flexible Deterrent Option

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FIFO First In, First Out

FLIR Forward Looking Infra-Red

FLOT Forward Line of Own Troops

FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications

FM Force Module / Field Manual / Frequency Modulation

FMC Fully Mission Capable

FMF Fleet Marine Force

FMS Foreign Military Sales

FOA Field Operating Activity

FOB Forward Operating Base / Free on Board

FOC Full Operational Capability/Follow On Capability

FOL Following / Forward Operating Location

FON Freedom of Navigation

FORSIZE Force Sizing Exercise

FOUO For Official Use Only

FPC Final Planning Conference

FPLAN Force Sizing Program Plan

FRAG Fragmentation Code

FRAGORD Fragmentary Order

FRN Force Requirement Number

FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line

FSE Fire Support Element

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FTS File Transfer Service / Field Training Services / Federal Telecommunications System / Federal Telephone System

FTX Field Training Exercise

FUN Functional Users Network (COMPES)

FWE Fighter Wing Equivalents

FY Fiscal Year

FYDP Future Year Defense Planning


GCCS Global Command and Control System

GCCS(T) Global Command and Control System Top Secret

GCE Ground Combat Element

GDSS Global Decision Support System

GENSER General Service (Electrical Transmission)

GEOFILE Geographic Locations Code File System

GEOLOC Geographic Location Code

GEP Ground Entry Point

GFE Government Furnished Equipment / Gross Feasibility Estimator

GLO Ground Line of Communications

GMC GCCS Management Center (Helpdesk)

GMT Greenwich Mean Time (ZULU)

GOCO Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated

GPS Global Positioning System

GPV General Purpose Vehicle

GSA General Services Administration

GTN Global Transportation Network



HAC House Appropriations Committee

HAF Headquarters Air Force

HALO High-Altitude, Low-Opening (Parachute)

HARM High Speed Anti-Radar Missile or Homing Antiradiation Missile

HASC House Armed Services Committee

HF High Frequency

HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company

HLZ Helicopter Landing Zone

HNS Host-Nation Support

HQ Headquarters

HSE Headquarters Support Element

HTSA Host-Tenant Support Agreement

HUMINT Human Intelligence

HZ Hertz


IAW In Accordance With

IDHS Intelligence Data Handling System

IDO Installation Deployment Officer (AFI 10-403)

IEMATS Improved Emergency Message Automatic Transmission System

IFF Identification, Friend or Foe

IFR Instrument Flight Rules

IG Inspector General

ILOC Intermediate Location

IM Information Management

IMA Individual Mobilization Augmentee

INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite

INS Insert Code

IOC Initial Operational Capability

IP Initial Point / Instructor Pilot / Issue Paper

IPC Information Processing Center / Initial Planning Conference

IPL Integrated Priority List

IRR Individual Ready Reserve

IRT/Q In Reponse to/Query

ISSA Interservice Support Agreement

ISE Initial Support Element

ISO International Standards Organization / In Support of

ISSL Initial Spares Support List

ITO Installation Transportation Office/Integrated Tasking Order (A

Joint ATO)

ITV Intransit Visibility

IW Information Warfare

I&W Indications and Warning


JANAF Joint Army, Navy, Air Force

JANAP Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication

JCC Joint Coordination Center

JCCC Joint Coordination Control Center

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSE Joint Communications Support Element

JDC Joint Deployment Community

JDO Joint Duty Officer

JDS Joint Deployment System

JECG Joint Exercise Control Group

JEM Joint Exercise Manual

JEPES Joint Engineering Planning and Execution System

JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander

JFAST Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation

JFC Joint Force Commander

JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander

JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander

JFSOCC Joint Force Special Operations Commander

JIC Joint Information Center / Joint Intelligence Center

JMETL Joint Mission Essential Task List

JMNA Joint Military Net Assessment

JMRO Joint Medical Regulating Office

JOA Joint Operations Area

JOC Joint Operations Center

JOCC Joint Operations Control Center

JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JPD Joint Planning Document

JPEC Joint Planning and Execution Community

JPP Joint Planning Process

JRC Joint Reconnaissance Center

JRRCC Joint Rescue and Recovery Coordination Center

JRS Joint Reporting Structure

JS Joint Staff

JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan

JSO Joint Staff Officer

JSOA Joint Special Operations Area

JSOC Joint Special Operations Command

JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System

JSR Joint Strategy Review

JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System

JSTPS Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff

JTB Joint Transportation Board

JTC Joint Targeting Committee

JTCB Joint Targeting Coordination Board

JTF Joint Task Force

JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System

JTO Joint Training Organization

JTTP Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

JTR Joint Travel Regulations

JULLS Joint Universal Lessons Learned Systems

JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System

JWC Joint Warfare Center


LAD Latest Arrival Date

LAN Local Area Network

LANTIRN Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared (System) for Night

LAT Latitude

LB Limited Base

LERTCON Alert Condition

LIC Low Intensity Conflict

LIF LOGMOD Information File

LIMDIS Limited Distribution

LIMFAC Limiting Factor

LOA Letter of Offer/Acceptance

LOC Lines of Communication

LOGAIR Logistics Airlift

LOGDET Logistics Detail Data

LOGFAC Logistics Feasibility Analysis Capability (COMPES)

LOGFOR Logistics Force Packaging (COMPES)

LOGGEN Logistics Generator

LOGMOD Logistics Module (COMPES)

LOGMOD-B Logistics Module - Base Level (COMPES)

LOGMOD-M Logistics Module - MAJCOM Level (COMPES)

LOGPLAN Logistics Planning (COMPES)

LOGSAFE/LSA Logistics Sustainment Analysis and Feasibility Estimator / Logistics Sustainability Assessment

LOI Letter of Instruction

LOS Law of the Sea / Line of Sight

LPF Logistics Plan File

LRC Logistics Readiness Center/Lesser Regional Contingency

LRU Line Replaceable Unit


MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group

MAB Marine Amphibious Brigade

MAG Marine Aircraft Group / Military Advisory Group / Military

Assistance Group

MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force

MAJCOM Major Command

MANFOR Manpower Force Packaging System

MANPER Manpower and Personnel Module (COMPES)

MAP Military Assistance Program / Maritime Air Patrol / Modern

Aids to Planning

MARDEZ Maritime Defense Zone

MARFOR Marine Forces

MAROPS Maritime Operations

MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence

MASS Marine Air Support Squadron / Military Airlift Support Squadron

MAU Marine Amphibious Unit

MAW Marine Air Wing / Military Airlift Wing

MB Main Base

MC Marine Corps / Medical Corps / Military Construction / Mission

Capable / Munitions Control

MCEB Military Communications-Electronics Board

MC&G Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy

MCP Master COMSEC Plan / Military Construction Program

MDS Mission, Design, & Series

MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade / Military Exercise Brief

MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation

MEF Marine Expeditionary Force

MEFPAK Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging System

MEPES Medical Planning and Execution System

MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit

MFE Manpower Force Element

MFEL Manpower Force Element Listing

MFR Memorandum for Record

MHE Materiel Handling Equipment

MIJI Meaconing, Interference, Jamming, and Intrusion

MILCON Military Construction Program

MILDEP Military Department

MILSATCOM Military Satellite Communications (System)

MILSTAR Military Strategic Tactical and Relay Satellite Communications

MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

MIS Management Information System

MISCAP Mission Capability

MNF Multinational Force

MOB Main Operating Base / Missile Order of Battle

MODE Transportation Mode

MODLOC Modified Location

MOG Maximum Operating on the Ground

MOGAS Automotive Gasoline

MOIA Mission Oriented Items Activity

MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War

MOP Mobility Operating Procedure / Memorandum of Policy

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MPF Military Personnel Flight

MPS Maritime Prepositioning Ships

MRC Major Regional Contingency

MRI Mobility Requirements Indicator

MRRR Mobility Requirement Resource Roster

MRS Mobility Requirements Study

MSC Military Sealift Command

MSE Mission Support Element

MSEL Master Scenario Events List

MSK Mission Support Kit

MT/MTON Measurement Tons (equals 40 cubic feet)

MTF Medical Treatment Facility(ies) / Message Text Format

MTMC Military Traffic Management Command

MTT Mobile Training Team



NAF Nonappropriated Fund / Numbered Air Force

NAS Naval Air Station

NAT Not Air Transportable (Cargo)

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVAIDS Navigation Aids

NAVCOMMSTA Naval Communication Station

NAVFOR Naval Forces

NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (Warfare)

NBI Nonbattle Injury

NCA National Command Authorities

NCS National Communications System / Naval Communications

Station / Naval Control of Shipping / Net Control Station Non-conventional Strike

NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet

NEACP National Emergency Reserve Fleet

NEO Noncombatant Evacuation Operation

NGB National Guard Bureau

NIMA National Imaging and Mapping Agency

NJP Nonjudicial Punishment

NLT Not Later Than

NM Nautical Mile (6079 feet)

NMC Not Mission Capable

NMCC National Military Command Center

NMCS National Military Command System / Not Mission Capable - Supply

NMS National Military Strategy (JSPS)

NOFORN Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals


NOTAL Not to All

NPES Nuclear Planning and Execution System

NPG Non-Unit Personnel Generator

NRC/NURC Non-Unit-Related Cargo

NSA National Security Adviser / National Security Agency

NSCS National Security Council/National Security Council System

NSNF Non-strategic Nuclear Force (formerly TNF)

NSS National Security Strategy

NUR Non-Unit-Related Record


OA Obligation Authority / Operating Area

O/A On or About

OADR Originating Agency's Determination Required

OAS Offensive Air Support / Organization of American States

OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense

OBE Overtaken by Events

OCA Offensive Counter Air / Operational Control Authority

OCR Office Of Collateral Responsibility / Optical Character Reader

OL Operating Location

O&M Operations and Maintenance

OMB Office of Management and Budget

OOTW Operations Other Than War

OPCON Operational Control

OPLAN Operation Plan (in complete format)

OPM Office of Personnel Management

OPN Operation

OPNS Operations

OPORD Operation Order

OPREP Commander's Operational Report

OPREP-3 Event / Incident Report

OPS Operations

OPSEC Operation Security

OR Operational Readiness / Operationally Ready

OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

osi Office of Special Investigations


PA Public Affairs / Performance Award / Political Advisor /

Probability of Arrival

PAA Primary Aircraft Authorization

PAO Public Affairs Office/Officer

PAS Personnel Accounting Symbol / Primary Alert System

PAX Passengers

PB President's Budget

PDF Personnel Deployment Function

PDM Program Decision Memorandum / Programmed Depot


PDO Publications Distribution Office

PDS Personnel Data System

PE Program Element

PEC Program Element Code

PERSCO Personnel Support for Contingency Operations

PFP Partnership for Peace

PERSDEP Personnel Deployment Report

PID Plan Identification Number

PIN Personnel Increment Number / Personnel Identification Number

PLA Plain Language Address

PLAD Plain Language Address Direct

POC Personnel Operations Center or Point of Contact / Preliminary

Operating Capability

POD Port of Debarkation / Probability of Destruction

POE Port of Embarkation

POL Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants

POLAD Political Advisor

POM Program Objective Memorandum

POMCUS Prepositioning of Material Configured to Unit Sets

PORTS Port Characteristics File

POSF Ports of Support File

PPBS Planning, Programming and Budgeting System

ppp Preposition Procurement Package / Plans, Policies, & Procedures

PRC Personnel Readiness Center

PREPO Prepositioned Material

PRF Personnel Resource File

PRIME BEEF Base Engineering Emergency Force

PRI Priority

PROE Peacetime Rules of Engagement

PRP Personnel Reliability Program

PSM Personnel Status Monitoring Subsystem

PSRC Presidential Selected Reserve Call Up

PSYOPS Psychological Operations

PUF Planning Units File

PW /POW Prisoner of War

PWRM Pre-Positioned War Reserve Materiel




QDR Quadrennial Review


RAM Random Access Memory

RAP Remedial Action Project

RC Reserve Component

RCC Region Control Center / Rescue Coordination Center

RDD Required Delivery Date

RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation

RLD Ready to Load Date

ROC Required Operational Capability

ROE Rules of Engagement

RO/RO Roll-On/Roll-Off

ROK Republic of Korea

RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle

RQMT Requirement

R&R Rest and Recuperation

RRF Ready Reserve Fleet

RSP Readiness Spares Package



SA Security Assistance / Senior Adviser / Small Arms / Special Agent / Strike Assessment

SAAM Special Assignment Airlift Mission

SAM Surface-to-Air Missile / Space Available Mail / Special Air Mission

SAO Security Assistance Office(or Organization) / Special Activities Office

SAR Search and Rescue / System Assessment Review

SATCOM Satellite Communications

SB Standby Base

sci Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCUD Soviet Tactical Surface-to-Surface Missile

SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

SEAL Sea, Air, Land (Team)

SECDEF Secretary of Defense

SECSTATE Secretary of State

SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape

SERV/SVC Service

SES Senior Executive Service (U.S. Civil Service Pay Grade) / Systems

Engineering Support

SE/Sl System Engineering/System Integration

SF Special Forces

si Special Intelligence / Standardization and Interoperability/Sensor


SIF Selective Identification Feature

SIGINT Signals Intelligence

SIop Single Integrated Operational Plan

SITRA Situation and Incident Report

SITREP Situation Report

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SLOC Sea Line(s) of Communications

SO Special Operations / Special Order

SOA Special/Separate Operating Agency / Status of Actions

SOC Special Operations Command / Sector Operations Center

SOF Special Operations Forces

SOFA Status of Forces Agreement

SON Statement of Need

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SOR Specific Operational Requirement

SORTS Status of Resources and Training System

SOS Distress Signal / Special Operations Squadron

SP Security Police / Self-Propelled / Special / Specialist

Starting Point

SPINTCOMM Special Intelligence Communications

SPOD Sea Port of Debarkation

SPOE Sea Port of Embarkation

SRF Summary Reference File / Secure Reserve Force / Ship Repair

Facility: Special Reporting Facility

SSO Special Security Office/Officer

ST /STON Short Tons (equals 2,000 pounds)

STAMP Standard Air Munitions Package

STAN/EVAL Standardization/Evaluation

STARTEX Start of Exercise

STOL Short Take-off and Landing

STON Short Ton

STRAP Standard Tanks, Racks, Adapters, and Pylons Package



TACC Tanker Airlift Control Center

TACON Tactical Control

TACS Theater Air Control System

TAD Temporary Additional Duty

TALCE Tanker/Airlift Control Element

TARGET Theater-Level Analysis Replanning and Graphical Execution Toolbox

TAV Total Asset Visibility

TBD To Be Determined

TBM Theater Ballistic Missile

TBP To Be Provided

TC AIMS Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for Movement


TCC Transportation Component Command / Telecommunications Center

TCN Transportation Control Number

TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order

TDY Temporary Duty

TELNET Telecommunications Network

TGT Target

TLCF Teleconference

TMO Traffic Management Office / Transportation Movements Office

TMS Training Management System

TOA Time of Arrival / Total Obligational Authority / Transportation Operating


TOE Table of Organization and Equipment

TOR Terms of Reference

TOT Time Over Target / Time of Transmission

TPFDD Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data

TPFDL Time-Phased Force and Deployment List

TRAC2ES TRANSCOM Command and Control Evacuation System

TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (U.S. Army)

TRAP Tanks, Racks, Adapters, and Pylons

TRIAD Strategic Forces Components (Bombers, Missiles, Submarines)

TS3 Top Secret Support System

TUCHA Type Unit Characteristics Data /File


UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UB Unaccompanied Baggage

ucmJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

UCP Unified Command Plan

UE Unit Equipage / User Equipment/Unified Endeavor

uic Unit Identification Code

ULC Unit Level Code

ULN Unit Line Number

UMD Unit Manning Document

UNAAF Unified Action Armed Forces

USA United States Army

USACOM United States Atlantic Command

USAF United States Air Force

USCENTCOM United States Central Command

USCG United States Coast Guard

USERID User Identification

USEUCOM United States European Command

USFJ United States Forces Japan

USFK United States Forces Korea

USIA United States Information Agency

USPACOM United States Pacific Command

USSOCOM United States Special Operations Command

USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command

USSPACECOM United States Space Command

USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command

UTC Unit Type Code / Coordinated Universal Time

USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command

UW Unconventional Warfare


WAA Wartime Aircraft Activity

WAAR Wartime Aircraft Activity Report

WASP Wartime Additive Spares Package

WCDO War Consumables Distribution Objective

WESTPAC Western Pacific

WIA Wounded in Action

WIN WWMCCS Intercomputer Network

wis WWMCCS Information System

WMP USAF War and Mobilization Plan

WNINTEL Warning Notice-Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved

woc Wing Operations Center

WRA War Reserve Allowance

WRM War Reserve Materiel

wwmccs Worldwide Military Command and Control System



ZULU Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)