CWPC Contingency Wartime Planning CourseCWPC Contingency Wartime Planning Course

Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES).

IP - 3200

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Kenneth Hill/MSgt Ricky Carter

DESCRIPTION: This lesson presents an overview of the Contingency Operation/ Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES).

LESSON OBJECTIVE: TOOLIFEST comprehend how the Air Force-unique force package and deployment management system aids planners in preparing and reporting manpower and logistics data and management of data during deployments.


1. Describe how COMPES supports deliberate planning

2. Describe the relationship between COMPES and JOPES

3. Know the purpose of COMPES

4. Know the primary capabilities of the COMPES at MAJCOM and BASE.

5. Describe the systems that comprise IDS

6. Describe the benefits of IDS


  1. Read AFMAN 10-401, Chapter 3 - The Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES).
  2. Read AFMAN 10-401, chapter 6.
  3. Scan the MEFPAK Summary Report.


Review the CWPC Desktop Reference for definitions of the following:




g. WAA h. WCDO






INSTRUCTOR: Mr Kenneth Hill


1. COMPES supports deliberate planning by translating joint tasking into detailed unit tasking. It defines and tasks manpower and material required.

2. COMPES is the Air Force standard planning system that supports JOPES. JOPES provides OPLAN TPFDD detail that COMPES translates and tailors for Air Force taskings.

3. The need for COMPES development:

a. Command unique systems.

b. Non-standard command mobility procedures existed prior to COMPES.

4. Purpose of COMPES:

  1. Provide Air Force Planners access to near real time logistics, manpower

and personnel data. Includes the entire Air Force - Active, Guard, and Reserve.

b. Standardize computer applications and procedures.

c. Integrate planning functions.

d. Improve planning response time.

e. Interface with JOPES.

f. Support Mobility, Exercise, and Operation Planning.

g. Execution Process.

5. AFMAN 10-401, Chapter 3, (COMPES):

a. Directs use of COMPES in the USAF.

b. Applies to MAJCOM and Base Level.

c. Describes use of COMPES in the Planning Process

PART II Operational Taskings and Priorities OT&P

INSTRUCTOR: Mr Kenneth Hill

1. PURPOSE: Operational Taskings and Priorities (OT&Ps) primary purpose is to coordinate the information flow between JOPES, MANPER and LOGMOD during the OPLAN tailoring process.



A. Current Capabilities.

1. Provides a two-way interface with JOPES. (Key Role)

a. Ability to Load Current TPFDD data from JOPES (Multiple


b. Ability to pass data to LOGMOD and MANPER. Manpower/logistics

tailoring is accomplished in COMPES / MANPER and LOGMOD

modules. The results of manpower and logistics tailoring is passed

back to the OT&P module.

c. Ability to send changes back to JOPES to reflect the manpower and

logistics tailoring that occurred in COMPES.

2. MEFPAK functionality capability. Allows Air Staff user to review

MEFPAK output products.

    1. WMP System. Allows the on-line review and update of WMP-3 (Parts 1&2), Air Force-wide UTC Availability and Tasking Summary (AFWUS), Core UTC packages (CUPS). It also gives individual access to the WMP-4 Mission profile (MISSPRO) file and WMP 5 planning factors of WMP volumes.

B. Future Capabilities

1. Base level connectivity

2. Integrated Deployment System (IDS)

PART III- Manpower and Personnel MANPER

INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Kenneth Hill

1. MANPER Definition: MANPER is the computer software application for

Manpower and Personnel in COMPES. It supports Air Force personnel planning functions at HQ USAF, MAJCOM, NAF and Base. COMPES is being modernized under the Air Force Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution System (DCAPES) modernization program. When implemented, the COMPES functionality will be part of DCAPES.

2. MANPER Guidance:


Publication Number


AFI 10-215

Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO)

AFMAN 10-401

Operation Plan and Concept Plan Development and implementation.

AFI 10-402

Mobilization Planning

AFI 10-403

Deployment Planning

AFI 10-404

Base Support Planning

AFR 28-7

Policy and Procedures for the Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution System (DCAPES) Base Level Manpower and Personnel (MANPER-B) Module

AFI 171-626

Functional User Support Manual for the Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution System (DCAPES) MAJCOM Level Manpower/Personnel (MANPER) Module, Users Manual

AFM 28-740, Volume I

Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution System (DCAPES) General Information

AFM 28-626

Functional User Support Manual for the Contingency Operation/Mobility Planning and Execution System (COMPES) MAJCOM Level Manpower/Personnel (MANPER) Module.

AFI 38-205

Wartime Manpower Planning and Programming


3. Functional Capabilities of MAJCOM MANPER

a. MANFOR: Manage force package (UTC) data. This is the automated database for the Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging (MEFPAK) system.

b. Plan Generation System: Generate a Deployment Manning Document (DRMD) from a TPFDD or to create a DRMD from scratch.

c. Sourcing the DRMD and tasking the units.

d. Personnel Status Monitoring System: Track personnel resources by such products as:

(1) Command Personnel Resource List

(2) Required vs. Deployed List

(3) Summary by PID & Employment Location

(4) Summary by PID & Deployment Location


4. Functional Capabilities of Base Level MANPER

a. It can operate at both the secret and unclassified modes.

b. Portable self contained unit that can be used:

(1) In-garrison (At Home)

(2) PERSCO (Deployed)

c. Capabilities

(1) Manage force package (UTC) data at Base Level.

(2) Manage unit mobility requirements. Creates Base Mobility Records.

(3) Produces the Mobility Requirement/Resource Roster (MRRR).

(4) Capability to create a Deployment Requirement Manning Document (DRMD).

(a) DRMD flow to MAJCOM.

(5) Maintains requirements/ tasking by PID and ULN.


(7) Produces TDY Orders


(9) Manpower Capabilities

(a) PAS file- Shows PAS/Unit Information

(b) MDF - Shows authorization in specific PAS


d. Key reason for COMPES MANPER at base level and deployed location is Strength Accountability of Deployed forces.