Air Operations Center (AOC) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Twelfth Air Force (12AF) Air Force Forces (AFFOR)



AAA - Anti-Aircraft Artillery

AADC - Area Air Defense Commander

AADCP - Army Air Defense Command Post

ABCCC - Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center

ACA - Airspace Control Authority

AC&W - Air Control and Warning

ACC - Air Component Commander or Air Combat Command

ACFT & A/C - Aircraft

ACM - Airspace Control Measures

ACO - Airspace Control Order

ACP - Ammunition Control Point

ADA - Air Defense Area - Air Defense Artillery

ADAFCO - Air Defense Artillery Fire Coordination Officer

ADP - Automated Data Processing

ADS - Airspace Deconfliction System

ADVON - Advanced Echelon

AECC - Aeromedical Evacuation Control Center

AF - Air Force

AFAC - Airborne Forward Air Controller

AFARN - Air Force Air Request Net

AFEWC - Air Force Electronic Warfare Center

AFFOR - Air Force Forces (also Combat Air Force (CAF))

AFI - Air Force Instruction

AFOSI - Air Force Office Special Investigations

AFR - Air Force Regulation

AFSOB - Air Force Special Operation Base

AGE - Aerospace Ground Equipment

AI - Air Interdiction

AIA - Air Force Intelligence Agency

ALCC - Airlift Coordination Center

ALCE - Airlift Control Element (now Tanker/Airlift Control Element)

ALO - Air Liaison Officer

AMC - Air Mobility Command

AME - Air Mobility Element

AOB - Air Order of Battle

AOC - Air Operations Center

AOG - Air Operations Group

AOR - Area of Responsibility

APPS - Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System

APS - Advanced Planning System

AR - Aerial Refueling

ARCT - Air Refueling Control Time

ARFOR - Army Forces

ARM - Anti-Radiation Missile

ARRS - Air Rescue and Recovery Service

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ASC - Air Surveillance Coordinator

ASD - Air Situation Display

ASO/AST - Air Surveillance Officer/Technician

ASOC - Air Support Operations Center

ASRT - Air Support Radar Team

AST - Air Surveillance Technician

ATACMS - Army Tactical Missile System

ATC - Air Traffic Control

ATCAL - Air Traffic Control and Landing

ATO - Air Tasking Order

AUTODIN - Automatic Digital Network

AUTOSEVOCOM - Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network

AWACS - Airborne Warning and Control System

AWX - All-Weather

BARCAP - Barrier Combat Air Patrol

BBC - Base Band Loading

BCE - Battlefield Coordination Element

BDA - Battle Damage Assessment

BDE - Brigade

BER - Bit Error Rate

BN - Battalion

BSD - Base Staff Director, also Battlefield Situation Display

BSP - Base Support Plan

BTRY - Battery

CA - Counter Air

CADS - Combat Airspace Deconfliction System

CAF - Combat Air Forces

CAFMS - Computer Assisted Flight Management System

CAP - Combat Air Patrol

CAS - Close Air Support

CAT - Crisis Action Team

CBR - Chemical, Biological and Radiological

CBU - Cluster Bomb Unit

CCO - Chief, Combat Operations or Contingency Contracting Officer

CCP - Chief, Combat Plans

C-CS - Communication-Computer Systems

CCSD - Communications Circuit System Designator

CCT - Combat Control Team

C-E - Communications-Electronics

CEP - Circular Error Probable

CEMC - Communications-Electronic Management Center

CEOI - Communications Electronic Operating Instruction

CHOP - Change of Operational Control

CI - Counterintelligence

CID - Combat Intelligence Division

CINCAMC - Commander in Chief, Air Mobility Command

CIR - Continuing Collection Branch

CJCS - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

CMB - Collection Management Branch

COA - Course of Action

COB - Collocated Operating Base

COD - Combat Operations Division

COMAFFOR - Commander, Air Force Forces

COMARFOR - Commander, Army Force

COMCRF - Commander of Combat Rescue Forces


COMJSOTF - Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force

COMINT - Communications Intelligence

COMM - Communication

COMMARFOR - Commander, Marine Forces

COMNAVFOR - Commander, Naval Forces

COMSEC - Communication Security

COMSPOT - Communication Spot

COMSTAT - Communication Status

CONPLAN - Concept Plan

COTS - Commercial Off-The-Shelf

CP - Command Post

CPD - Combat Plans Division

CPX - Command Post Exercise

CRC - Control and Reporting Center

CRE - Combat Reporting Element

CSS - Communications Security Squadron

CSSC - Combat Service Support Center

CSSO - Contingency Supply Support Office

CST - Current Situation Technician

CT - Control Technician

CTAPS - Contingency Theater Automated Planning System

CTF - Combined Task Force

CTOC - Corps Tactical Operations Center

C2IPS - Command and Control Information Processing System

C2W - Command and Control Warfare

C3 - Command, Control and Communications

C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

C3OB - Command, Control and Communications Order of Battle

DARS - Daily Aerial Reconnaissance Syndicate

DCA - Defensive Counterair or Defense Communications Agency

DCS - Defensive Communication System

DCI - Director of Combat Intelligence

DC/SR - Display and Control/Storage and Retrieval

DCS - Defense Communications System

DDL - Digital Data Link

DET - Detachment

DDO - Defensive Duty Officer

DEFCON - Defense Condition

DGZ - Desired Ground Zero

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DIAM - Defense Intelligence Agency Manual

DIRMOBFOR - Director of Mobility Forces

DIRNSA - Director National Security Agency

DISA - Defense Information Systems Agency

DISUM - Daily Intelligence Summary

DIV - Division

DMA - Defense Mapping Agency

DMD - Deployment Manning Document

DO - Chief, Operations Division

DOA - Direction of Arrival

DOD - Department of Defense

DRD - Deployment Requirement Document

DSNET - Defense Secure Network

DSU - Direct Support Unit (ERSSO)

DT - Duty Technician

DZ - Drop Zone

EAP - Emergency Action Plan

EC - Electronic Combat

ECCM - Electronic Counter-Countermeasures

ECM - Electronic Countermeasures

ECS - Electronic Combat Squadron

E&E - Escape and Evasion

EEFI - Essential Elements of Friendly Information

EEI - Essential Elements of Information

ELINT - Electronic Intelligence

EMAIL - Electronic Mail

ENSCD - Enemy Situation Correlations Division

EOB - Electronic Order of Battle

EPL - ELINT Parameters List

EPSF - Expenditure Per Sortie Factor

ERSSO - Emergency Reaction Special Security Office

ERU - Emergency Reaction Unit

ESC - Electronic Security Command

EW - Electronic Warfare

EWDO - Electronic Warfare Duty Officer

ESM - Electronic Support Measures

ETRO - Estimated Time of Return to Operations

FAC - Forward Air Controller

FACP - Forward Air Control Post (now CRE)

FAD - Forward Area Display (Map/Plotter)

FDO - Fighter Duty Officer

FEBA - Forward Edge of the Battle Area

FL - Flight Level

FLEX - Force Level Execution

FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

FLOT - Forward Line of Own Troops

FLT - Flight

FLTREP - Inflight Report

FM - Frequency Modulation

FMC - Fighter Mission Coordinator

FOB - Forward Operating Base

FOL - Forward Operation Location

FOT - Frequency of Optimum Transmission

FSCL - Fire Support Coordination Line

GCCS - Global Command and Control System

GCI - Ground Control Intercept

GLO - Ground Liaison Officer

GOB - Ground Order of Battle

HE - High Explosive

HELO - Helicopter

HF - High Frequency

HHQ - Higher Headquarters

HMI - Human-Machine Interface

HUMINT - Human Intelligence

IADS - Integrated Air Defense System

ICM - Intelligence Correlation Module

ICR - Intelligence Collection Requirement

ICSE - Initial Combat Support Element

ICU - Interface Control Unit

IFF/SIF - Identification Friend or Foe/Selective Identification Feature

IFR - Instrument Flight Rules

II - Imagery Interpretation

IM - Information Management

IMINT - Imagery Intelligence

IN - Deputy for Intelligence

INTREP - Intelligence Report

INTSUM - Intelligence Summary

IP - Initial Point

IPIR - Initial Photographic Interpretation Report

ISB - Intelligence Support Branch

IW - Information Warfare

JA - Judge Advocate

JAG - Judge Advocate General

JAOC - Joint Air Operations Center

JCG - Joint Control Group

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFACC - Joint Force Air Component Commander

JFC - Joint Force Commander

JFLCC - Joint Force Land Component Commander

JFMCC - Joint Force Marine Component Commander

JFNCC - Joint Force Naval Component Commander

JFSOCC - Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander

JGAT - Joint Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting

JIEC - Joint Interrogation Exploitation Center

JIPTL - Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List

JMEM/AS - Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual/Air-to-Surface

JMI - JTIDS-MAOC Integration

JOC - Joint Operations Center

JOPS - Joint Operational Planning System

JOPES - Joint Operations Planning and Execution System

JRCC - Joint Rescue Coordination Center

JSOTF - Joint Special Operations Task Force

JSTOF - Joint Services Theater Operation Forces

JTCB - Joint Target Coordination Board

JTF - Joint Task Force

JUWTF - Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force

KBA - Killed by Air

KIA - Killed in Action

KILLREP - Kill Report

LCC - Land Component Commander

LIMFAC - Limiting Factor

LNO - Liaison Officer

LOAC - Law of Armed Conflict

LOC - Lines of Communication

LOG C2 - Logistics Command and Control

LOGSAFE - Logistics Sustainment Analysis and Feasibility Estimator

LOGSTAT - Logistics Status

LOROP - Long Range Optical Photography

LRC - Logistics Readiness Center

LRP - Limited Response Package

LTIOV - Latest Time Information of Value

LUF - Least Usable Frequency

MAOC - Modular Air Operation Center

MAP - Master Attack Plan

MAJCOM - Major Command

MCE - Modular Control Equipment

MHE - Materiel Handling Equipment

MIA - Missing in Action

MICAP - Mission Capability

MIJI - Meaconing, Interference, Jamming and Intrusion

MINEREP - Mine Report

MISREP - Mission Report

MOB - Missile Order of Battle or Main Operating Base

MPC - Message Processing Center

MRE - Meals Ready to Eat

MRSP - Mobility Readiness Spares Package

MSL - Master Station Log

MSN - Mission

MTGSS - Mobile Tactical Ground SIGINT System

MTT - Mobile Training Team

MUF - Most Usable Frequency

MWR - Morale, Welfare & Recreation

NAF - Numbered Air Force

NALE - Naval and Amphibious Liaison Element

NATO - North Atlantic Treat Organization

NAVAIDS - Navigational Aids

NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

NCA - National Command Authority

NCAA - Non-nuclear Consumables Annual Analysis

NOB - Naval Order of Battle

NRT - Near Real Time

NLT - Not Later Than

NSRL - National SIGINT Requirements List

NUDET - Nuclear Detonation Report

OAP - Offset Aiming Point

OB - Order-of-Battle

OCA - Offensive Counter Air

ODO - Offensive Duty Officer

OER - Operational ELINT Requirement

OIB - Operations Intelligence Branch

OM - Operations Module

OPCON - Operational Control

OPLAN - Operations Plan

OPORD - Operations Order

OPREP - Operational Report

OPSEC - Operations Security

OPTASKLINK - Operational Tasking Data Link

PA - Public Address

PACAF - Pacific Air Command Air Forces

PARPRO - Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program

PERINTSUM - Periodic Intelligence Summary

PERSCO - Personnel Support for Contingency Operations

PIB - Plans Intelligence Branch

PLA - Plain Language Addresses

PMI - Preventive Maintenance Inspection

POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants

PSYOP - Psychological Operations

PSYWAR - Psychological Warfare

POW - Prisoner of War

QRP - Quick Response Package

QSR - Quick Strike Reconnaissance

QTY - Quantity

RAAP - Rapid Application of Air Power

RCC - Rescue Coordination Center

RDD - Required Delivery Date

RDO - Reconnaissance Duty Officer

RP - Restoration Priority

RECCE - Reconnaissance

RECCEXREP - Reconnaissance Exploitation Report

REGT - Regent

REPOL - Petroleum Damage/Deficiency Report

RESCAP - Rescue Combat Air Patrol

RFI - Request For Information

RFO - Reason for Outage

RFS - Request for Service

RI - Request for Information

RII - Request for Intelligence Information

RIVET JOINT - RC-135F Mission Aircraft

ROE - Rules of Engagement

RSL - Receive Signal Levels

RTASS - Remote Tactical Airborne SIGINT System

SADO - Senior Air Defense Officer

SAM - Surface-to-Air Missiles

SAR - Search and Rescue

SARDO - Search and Rescue Duty Officer

SC - Chief, Communications-Computer Systems Division

SCIF - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defense

SIGINT - Signal Intelligence

SITREP - Situation Report

SMA - System Message Alert

SMDO - Special Mission Duty Officer

SOCOM - Special Operations Command

SODO - Senior Offensive Duty Officer

SOF - Special Operation Forces

SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

SORTS - Status of Resources and Training System

SOTA - SIGINT Operational Tasking Authority

SPINS - Special Instructions

SROE - Standing ROE (CJCS)

SSO - Special Security Office

ST - Status Technician

SYSAD - Systems Administration

SYSCON - Systems Control Center

TAC-A - Tactical Air Coordinator-Airborne

TACOPDAT - Tactical Operations Data

TACP - Tactical Air Control Party

TACS - Theater Air Control System

TACSAT - Tactical Satellite

TADIL - Tactical Data Information Link

TADS - Tactical Data System

TALCE - Tanker/Airlift Control Element

TALO - Tactical Airlift Liaison Officer

TAMS - Theater Airlift Management System

TBM - Theater Battle Management

TBMCS - Theater Battle Management Core Systems

TISD - Theater Integrated Situation Display

TLAM - Tomahawk Land Attack Missile

TMCP - Theater Munitions Control Point

TMD - Theater Missile Defense, also Tactical Mission Data Display

TMDC - Tactical Mission Data Coordinator

TNL - Target Nomination List

TO - Technical Order, also Takeoff

TOT - Time Over Target

TAPAD - Tactical Performance Assessment Program

TMCP - Theater Munitions Control Point

TPFDD - Time-Phased Force Deployment Data

TRACE - Total Risk Assessment Cost Estimate

TRP - Theater Response Package

TWAC - Tactical Weather Analysis Center

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

USAF - United States Air Force

USAFE - United States Air Forces in Europe

USMC - United States Marine Corps

USMTF - United States Message Text Format

USN - United States Navy

USSPACECOM - United States Space Command

UTC - Unit Type Code

WAO - Weapons Assignment Officer

WIA - Wounded in Action

WMP - War and Mobilization Plan

WOC - Wing Operations Center

WRM - War Reserve Materiel

WWMCCS - World-Wide Military Command and Control System (replaced by GCCS)



Air Operations Center (AOC) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Twelfth Air Force (12AF) Air Force Forces (AFFOR)