Miniaturized Munitions Capability


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  1. Air Armament Center, Armament Product Directorate, Plans and Program Division (AAC/WMX), 207 West D Avenue, Suite 301, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6810!!

8. 10 – Miniaturized Munitions Capability Concept Study!!

9. PRDA No. WMX-99-0001!!

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11. Contact Audrea Majors, Contracting Officer, (850) 882-3525, ext 3124!!

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17. A--INTRODUCTION: Air Armament Center, Armament ProductDirectorate, Plans and Programs Division (AAC/WMX) is interested in receiving proposals for the Miniaturized Munitions Capability (MMC) concept study. The MMC concept study will include detailed weapon and carriage system definition and support for the MMC Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) being conducted by Air Combat Command, Global Attack Division (ACC/DRPW). Proposals in response to this announcement must be received no later than 1630 on 30 November 1998 and addressed to AAC /YUK, 102 West D Avenue, Suite 300, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6807, ATTN: Audrea Majors. This is a restricted solicitation. By direction of the Foreign Disclosure Office at Eglin AFB, no foreign participation is allowed for this effort. Proposals submitted after the cut-off date specified herein shall be treated in accordance with FAR 52-215-1(c), "Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawal of Proposals." Respondees should reference the above number (WMX PRDA-99-0001). Proposals handled by courier shall be delivered to Audrea Majors in Bldg 11, first floor, Eglin AFB FL. Proposals submitted must be in accordance with this announcement. Since this is a Program Research and Development Announcement (PRDA), there will be no formal request for proposal or other solicitation regarding this announcement. Offerors should be alert for any PRDA amendments that may be published. The Government reserves the right to amend the due date to allow for subsequent submission proposal dates. If sufficient proposals are selected to satisfy the PRDA objectives as a result of the first submission, subsequent opportunities for proposal submission will not be available. B--REQUIREMENTS: (1) Technical Description: The Air Armament Center is conducting up to a six month concept study which intends to define potential munition(s) and carriage system(s) concepts that will satisfy the needs stated in the MMC Mission Need Statement, CAF 304-97. In this study, concepts will be defined that most affordably and effectively satisfy the MMC MNS. Potential choices could be a single munition with single carriage system, a modular munition with single carriage system, multiple munitions with a single carriage system or multiple munitions with multiple carriage systems TECHNOLOGY GOALS: The following objectives have been established for this concept study program (reference HQ ACC Global Attack Mission Area Plan (MAP)): (1) Define affordable miniature munition(s) and carriage system that meet the needs addressed in the MMC MNS: multiple kills per sortie, multiple ordnance carriage, adverse weather accurate and precision munitions capability, medium-to-high altitude accuracy of free fall weapons, capability against hardened targets, munitions package (too much airlift support required), increased weapons effectiveness against area targets, real-time target location and/or kill capability versus small/mobile targets, prevent susceptibility to camouflage, concealment and deception (CCD), minimize or negate collateral damage, and overcome susceptibility of munitions to countermeasures; (2) define a munition(s) and carriage system(s) concept that minimizes aircraft integration costs; (3) provide predicted performance data for the MMC concept; (4) address and define supportability issues for the MMC concept; (5) provide Life Cycle Cost (LCC) estimates for the MMC concept; and (6) provide the concept of operations for the MMC concept. Performance, supportability and LCC information required for preparing the proposal will be provided at the Industry Day or earlier if requested. DESIGN: The contractor shall complete a conceptual design for the MMC concept that is effective against mobile/moving, fixed and relocatable targets to include but not limited to: the destruction of key nodes within the enemy's command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) network; reduction of enemy’s aircraft sortie generation capability (may include hardened aircraft shelters and bunkers); destruction of an enemy’s supporting infrastructure (i.e., power plants, industrial buildings); weapon production, assembly, and staging areas; naval combatants (frigate and larger) in port; suppression of integrated air defenses to include early warning radars and surface-to-air missile sites (fixed and mobile); surface-to-surface missile sites (fixed and mobile); destruction of stationary and moving armored combat vehicles, artillery and transportation vehicles; and other emerging targets. The concept shall include a munition(s) and a carriage system(s). The contractor shall ensure that the conceptual design is sufficiently complete and contains the level of detail required for modeling in the AOA to include descriptions of components and subsystems. The contractor’s conceptual design shall account for any additional mission planning, C4I, off-board/on-board targeting or other assets required to implement the system concept. AIRCRAFT INTEGRATION REQUIREMENTS: The contractor shall address aircraft integration for the following aircraft: F-16, F-15E, F-117, F-22, JSF, B-1B, B-52H and B-2. The contractor shall ensure that the MMC system be designed to be compatible, through its carriage, with the aircraft’s MIL-STD-1760 interface connector. (2) Deliverable items: The following are required deliverable items: (a) Conceptual design drawings in government approved contractor format, (b) Final report detailing LCC, performance predictions, supportability plan, aircraft integration requirements and mission planning requirements, (c) Requirements trade studies in contractor format, (d) Supporting analysis justifying performance and cost data, (e) Performance data in Government electronic format. Format will be provided to potential offerors upon their request to the Contracting Officer. Two (2) copies of each data item will be required and all data items shall be delivered within three months after effective date of contract. (3) Security Requirements: Portions of this program will be classified up to the SECRET level. (4) Other special requirements: The Government anticipates the following program reviews and meetings: Kickoff within one week of contract award at Eglin AFB; interim review three months after contract award atgovernment facilities at Eglin AFB, FL; and a Final Program review six months after contract award at government facilities at Eglin AFB, FL. C--ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (1) An Industry Day will be held on Tuesday, 27 October 1998, at Eglin AFB FL. Check-in will begin at 0800 with the conference beginning at 0830. Visit requests shall be provided to Audrea Majors at AAC/YUK, 102 West D Avenue, Suite 300, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6807 or faxed to (850) 882-9473. One-on-One meetings are available in the afternoon for potential offerors. Meetings will be approximately one hour and can be scheduled by calling Lynda Davila at (850) 882-4248, ext 6029. (2) Anticipated Period of Performance: Total - 6 months; 3 months for concept definition and data deliverables, 3 months to provide clarification and supplemental data. A time and material option line item will also be included in the contract in the event that additional technical support is required and funding is available. (3) Expected award date: 29 Jan 1999. Expected Contract Start Date: 1 Feb 1999 (4) Funding Estimate: The Government expects to have a total of $1.0 million available to be divided among the awarded contracts.. This is an estimate only, not a promise of funding availability. (4) Type of Contract: Firm Fixed Price (FFP) is anticipated. (5) Government Furnished Information (GFI): After contract award the Government will provide the following information: representative target set and descriptions, MSFD scenarios in which weapon will operate, threat timelines, MMC AOA Mission Tasks, Measures of Effectiveness and Measures of Performance, F-22 and JSF bay dimensions. Offerors should identify in their proposals any additional GFI required in order for them to perform their proposed effort. (6) Size Status: This is a full and open competition with the exclusion of foreign participation. For the purposes of certifying as a small business, the size standard is 500 employees (SIC 8731) D--PROPOSAL PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: (1) General: Offerors should apply the restrictive notice prescribed in the provision at FAR 52.215-1(e), Restriction on Disclosure and Use of Data, to trade secrets or privileged commercial and financial information contained in their proposals. Offerors must submit approved DD Form 2345, Export-Controlled DOD Technical Data Agreement, with their proposal. Offerors should state whether they are a large business, small business, small disadvantaged business, nonprofit, educational, or historically black college or minority institution. Offerors should consider instructions contained in the "Proprietary Information" and "When and How to Submit" sections of the AFMC Pamphlet 64-101, "Unsolicited Proposal Guide," copies of which are available by writing to: AFDTC/BC, 205 West D Avenue, Ste 449, Eglin AFB, FL 32542-6863 or telephone (850) 882-2843. AFMC Form 190, Policy Agreements, does not apply to Program Research and Development Announcements. Other information and instructions for working with Program Research and Development Announcements may be obtained by visiting the world wide web site: Additional proposal questions should be directed to one of the points of contact listed elsewhere herein. A technical and cost proposal submitted in separate volumes is required and must reference the above PRDA number. Volume 1 should provide the technical proposal, and Volume 2 should address the price/cost portions of the proposal. Volume 1 should be limited to a total of 20 pages, including resumes, charts, figures, tables, etc. Pages in excess of the specified 20 pages will be removed and returned to the offeror before evaluation starts. Cost proposals have no limitations, however, offerors are requested to keep cost proposals to 5 pages as a goal, as adequate price competition is anticipated. A page is defined to be one side of an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper with information on it. Minimum print size is 10 point type, or 12 pitch. Proposals shall be submitted in an original and 5 copies. All responsible sources may submit a proposal which shall be considered against the criteria set forth herein. Copies of the proposals may be forwarded, if the offeror authorizes in writing, to other interested government agencies for funding consideration. Authorization for limited reproduction and dissemination within Government Agencies and National Laboratories is requested. Offerors are advised that only the Contracting Officer is legally authorized to contractually bind or otherwise obligate the Government. (2) Cost Proposal: The accompanying cost proposal/price breakdown shall include a person-hour breakdown by task and a cost element summary (labor, overhead, travel, G&A, etc.). Estimated costs for historical data for similar efforts are requested for program office budgetary estimation and value estimation. The cost of preparing proposals in response to this announcement is not considered an allowable direct charge to any resulting contract, or any other contract. It is, however, an allowable expense to the normal bid and proposal indirect cost specified in FAR 31.205-18. (3) Technical Proposal: The Government does not intend to provide a Statement of Work. Offerors may elect to incorporate a Statement of Work into the proposal or have the Government incorporate the proposal by reference into any resulting contract. The technical proposal shall include as a minimum: (a) detailed technical approach describing how the study will be conducted, (b) preliminary list of new conceptual alternatives from which the contractor’s study will depart, (c) proposed program schedule. E--PROPOSAL EVALUATION: The selection of one or more sources for contract award shall be based on scientific and engineering evaluation of the proposals in response to this PRDA. Proposals will be evaluated as received using the factors given below. No further evaluation criteria will be used in selecting the proposals. The factors, listed in descending order of importance, are: (1) The overall technical merits of the proposal, including methodology of the proposed study. (2) The offeror's capabilities, related experience, facilities, techniques, or unique combinations of these which are integral factors for achieving the proposal objectives. (3) The qualifications, capabilities, and experience of the proposed principal investigator, team leader, and other key personnel who are critical to achieving the proposal objectives. (4) The offeror's record of past and present performance on the development and integration or production of a major weapon system. (5) Reasonableness and realism of proposed cost: An evaluation is made of all proposed costs to ensure the offeror has a proper understanding of the effort. It is the policy of AAC/WMX to treat all proposals as privileged information prior to award, and to disclose the contents only for the purposes of evaluation. The offeror must indicate on the appropriate form any limitation to be placed on disclosure of information contained in the proposal. The technical and cost information will be evaluated at the same time. The U.S. Air Force reserves the right to select for award one, several, or none of the proposals received in response to this announcement, though the Air Force anticipates up to four awards. Offerors may contact the individuals or sections listed herein to obtain generally available clarification of technical/contractual issues and cost proposal format or pricing information. F--POINTS OF CONTACT: (1) Contracting/Cost: Ms. Audrea Majors, Contracting Officer, (850) 882-3525, ext. 3124, at AAC/YUK, 102 West D Ave, Ste 300, Eglin AFB, FL 32542-6087. The fax number is (850) 882-9473. (2) Technical Issues: Ms. Lynda Davila, (850) 882-4248, ext. 6029, (FAX (850) 882-6984) at AAC/WMX, 207 West D Ave, Ste 301, Eglin AFB, FL 32542-6810. (3) Omsbudman: Col.Christopher Caravello, AAC/CV, 102 West D Avenue, Suite 300, Eglin AFB FL 32542-6808, (850) 882-4242.*****