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Russian Navy

Project 956 Sarych
Sovremenny class
Guided Missile Destroyer

The Sovremenny Class is a Russian class of destroyers designed to engage hostile ships by means of missile attack, and to provide warships and transport ships with protection against ship and air attack. Intended primarily for anti-ship operations, it was designed to compliment anti-submarine warfare (ASW) Udaloy destroyers. The ships have anti-ship, anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and coastal bombardment capability. The ships, with a maximum displacement of 8,480 tons are similar in size to the US Navy's Aegis-equipped missile cruisers, and are armed with an anti-submarine helicopter, 48 air defence missiles, 8 anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, mines, long range guns and a comprehensive electronic warfare system. The first Sovremenny Class destroyer was commissioned in 1985.

The hull design is derived from the predecessor Kresta II cruisers. The ship's propulsion system is based on two steam turbine engines, unlike the gas-turbines used on the Udaloy, each producing 50,000 horsepower together with four high pressure boilers. There are two fixed pitch propellers. The ship's maximum speed is just under 33 knots. At a fuel-economic speed of 18 knots the range is 3,920 miles. The endurance is 30 days.

The ship is equipped with the Moskit anti-ship missile system with two quadruple launchers installed port and starboard of the forward island and set at an angle about 15 degrees to the horizontal. The ship carries a total of eight Moskit 3M80E missiles. The air defence system is the Shtil surface to air missile. Two Shtil missile systems are installed, each on the raised deck behind the two-barrelled 130 mm guns fore and aft of the two islands. The ships are further equipped with AK-130-MR-184 130 mm guns and four six-barrel AK-630 artillery systems for defence. Anti-submarine defence is provided by two double 533 mm torpedo tubes installed port and starboard, and two six-barrel anti-submarine rocket launchers, RBU-1000, with 48 rockets, and a Ka-27 helicopter.

The late units of the class, designated Project 956A, are modified with the improved SA-N-17 (Grizzly) surface-to-air missile and the 3M-82 Moskit anti-ship missile.

At the end of 1997 the only large surface combatants active in significant numbers were the newer units of the dozen remaining Sovremennyy-class guided-missile destroyers and a few of the half-dozen remaining operational Udaloy-class destroyers. At that time the two remaining unfinished Sovremennyys, Vazhniy and Aleksandr Nevskiy (ex-Vdumchivyy), were lying 65% and 35% complete, respectively, at St. Petersburg, with only the first in the water. The first was delivered to China in early 2000, with the second to follow soon thereafter.

Two additional units were cancelled before being laid down. One additional unit remains incomplete -- intended for the Russian Navy, the construction status and projected commissioning date are highly uncertain. There is some disagreement among sources as to the identity and chronology of the pair of ships acquired by China and the remaining incomplete unit reportedly slated for the Russian Navy.

An improved Sovremenny II design, fitted with the CADS-N-1 point defense system, was projected but delayed indefinitely due to a lack of funding. During the 1980s as many as 28 Sovremenny-class ships may have been planned.


Builder: Severnaya Verf 190, St. Petersburg
Designation Project 956 Sarych
Project 956A Sarych
Displacement (tons): 6,300-6,500 tons standard
7,900-7,940 tons full load
Dimensions (m): 156.0-156.5 meters long overall
17.0-17.2 meters beam
5.99-7.85 meters draft
Speed (kts): 32.5-34 knots
Propulsion: 2 steam Turbine x 100,000-102,000 shp
4 hi-pres. boilers
2 4-blade fixed pitch props
Crew: 296-344 (368 maximum)
  • 4 x 2 3M-80/Moscit (SS-N-22)
  • 2 9K-90/Uragan SAM system
    (48 9M-38/38MI/SA-N-7 Smerch/Gadfly)
  • 4 x 2 3M-82/ (SS-N-22)
  • 24 9M-38E-1/SA-N-12 Yozh/Grizzly
  • Guns:
  • 2 x 2 AK-130 DP (130 mm, 2000 rounds)
  • 4  AK-630 gattl. AA (6x30 mm; 6'000 rds/m/mount, 20000 cartiges)
  • Torpedoes:  2x2/533 mm 
  • 2 x 6 RBU-1000 ASW RL (48 rockets)
  • 40 mines
  • Aircraft: Helicopter KA-27
    Electronics: Tactical situation plotting board
    Anti-ship missile fire control system
    Air defence missile fire control system
    Torpedo fire control system
    Air target acquisition radar
    Three navigation radars
    130 mm gun fire control radars
    30 mm air-defence gun fire control radar
    Active and passive underkeel sonar
    2 x PKK-2 decoy dispenser system with 200 rockets  

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    Project 956 Sarych - Sovremennyy class
    1Sovremenny SY 1901977 11/**/1978 12/25/1980 In overhaul since 1988
    probably beyond repair
    2Otchayanny SY 1901978 04/**/1981 09/30/1982 non-operational
    possibly discarded
    3Otlichnny SY 190n/a **/**/1981 09/**/1983 1994 hulked
    stripped and leaking
    4672Osmotritel'nyy SY 190PAC 1979 04/**/1982 06/**/1984 active
    5430Bezuprechnyy SY 190NOR 1980 08/**/1983 06/**/1985 active
    6Boyevoy SY 190PAC 1981 08/**/1984 06/**/1986 active
    7Stoyky SY 1901982 08/**/1985 09/**/1987 laid up for possible refit
    unlikely to return to service
    8Okrylenny SY 1901983 06/**/1986 09/**/1987 laid up for possible refit
    unlikely to return to service
    9Burny SY 190PAC 1984 02/**/1987 08/**/1988 active
    10GremyashchySY 190NOR1984 06/**/1987 11/**/1988 ex Vieduzczy
    11Bystry SY 190PAC 1984 12/**/1987 02/**/1989 active
    12Rastoropny SY 190NOR1985 06/**/1988 12/**/1989 active
    13Bezboyaznenny SY 190PAC 1986 03/**/1989 09/**/1990 active
    14Bezuderzhny SY 190NOR 1987 06/**/1990 03/**/1991 active
    Project 956A Sarych - Sovremennyy class
    15Bespokoiny SY 190BALTIC 1987 02/**/1992 09/**/1992 active
    16610NastoychivySY 190BALTIC 1987 06/**/1991 03/30/1993 ex Moskowski Komsomolets
    2000 active
    17454Besstrashny SY 190NOR 1987 12/**/1991 04/17/1994 active
    18Sobrazitelny SY 1901988 1997 n/a ex Vnushitelniy
    construction suspended
    completed as storage barge
    19698 Yekateringburg SY 1901989 **/**/1994 2000+ ex 300 Let Rossiyykomy
    ex Vazhny
    redesignated Project 956E
    sold to China
    renamed 136 Hangzhou
    delivered early 2000
    20Alexander Nevsky SY 1901990 **/**/1999 2000+ ex Udumchivy
    redesignated Project 956E
    sold to China
    to be delivered late 2000
    21Buliny [Buynyy?]SY 190? 1991 Project 956U improved Sovremenny
    may be completed in 956A configuration
    22Vechniy SY 190----------------------------------------cancelled before being laid down
    23----------SY 190----------------------------------------cancelled before being laid down

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