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Russian Navy

Project 940 "Lenok"
India class

Equipped with two deep submergence rescue vehicles (DSRV), the India class submarine was designed to locate submarines in distress and to rescue the distressed submarines crew. The India was fitted with medical facilities and decompression chambers that allow the submarine to treat several dozen individuals at a time. The DSRVs can dive to 500-1,000 meters and rescue crews by docking with the escape hatch of a submarine. India class submarines could also be used in salvage operations.

Lazurit designed the Poseidon class DSRVs used by the Russian Navy. Four operational and one experimental models were built. The DSRVs operate in pairs, generally carried onboard an India class submarine. They are capable of launch and recovery while the submarine is submerged. The normal navy procedure is for the crew of a downed submarine to escape by locking out at depths down to 120 m. Beyond this depth, to a maximum of 500 m, the DSRVs are used. The vehicles can carry twenty-four passengers and a crew of three.

Both units are no longer be operational, having been placed in reserve around 1990 and scrapped in 1995.



Project940 'Lenok'
NATO Code 'India'




Komsomol'sk Shipyard, Komsomol'sk-na-Amur

Displacement (tons):

3,900 tons surfaced
4,800-6,840 tons submerged

Speed (kts):

11.5-15 knots dived
15 knots surfaced

Dimension (meters):

106 meters long
9.7 meters beam
10 meters draft


2 diesel-electric 4,000 (shp)
2 propulsion motors 3,500 (shp)


2 propellers


45 days

Diving Depth:

240 meters operational
300 meters maximum




  • general puropse detection radar
  • Active/passive sonar
  • 2 periscopes
  • Other

    Deep submergence rescue vehicles

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    1BS-486 Komsomolets Uzbekistana SY 19902/22/1975 09/07/1975 01/21/1975 11/**/1994 10/1981 rescued crew of S-178
    04/22/1992 unnamed
    1990 in reserve
    2BS-203 SY 199---------- ---------- ---------- 1995? hull NO. possibly BS-257
    1990 in reserve

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