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Russian Navy

Project 865 Piranya
Losos Class

Designed for special operations and to engage surface ships located offshore, the Piranya is toughly built and is almost completely silent. The hull is comprised of a titanium alloy, that reduces the effectiveness of enemy mines. Divers can be deployed on sabotage missions. The divers remain in contact with the submarine, which is capable of supplying them with oxygen for breathing, electricity, warmth, and monitors to ensure that underwater instruments are operating normally. The Piranya’s 1200 kW lead-acid batteries allows the submarine to remain underway for ten days and the submarines at sea replenishement capabilities allows the submarine within 8 hours to receive enough food, fuel and lubricants, and air for an additional ten days.

The design was apparently not considered particularly successful. The two units were placed in reserve in 1993, briefly reactivated in 1995, and again laid up by 1997, and are expected to be discarded.

In 1991 the St. Petersburg-based Special Boiler Design Bureau (SKBK) completed development of the Kristall-20 AIP system for the Piranha. The AIP underwent comprehensive testing and was accepted by the customer - the Ministry of Defense. However, AIP systems were never installed in submarines due to reductions in defense spending.








Displacement (tons):

218 surfaced
390 submerged

Speed (kts):

6.65 knots dived
6.43 knots surfaced

Dimension (meters):

28.2 meters long
4.8 meters beam
5.1 meters draft


2 diesel – 160 (kW)
propulsion motor – 60 (kW)


1 propeller


10 days

Diving Depth:

200 meters




2 mine laying devices for 2 mines or
2 torpedoes


· Active/passive radar
· Active/passive sonar

1 periscope

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
1MS-520 SY 194---------- 198612/**/1988 ---------- 1993 in reserve
1995 reactivated
1997 in reserve
2MS-521 SY 194---------- 19901991---------- 1993 in reserve
1995 reactivated
1997 in reserve

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