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Russian Navy

Project 68 Sverdlov class

The major surface units in the post-WWII Soviet Navy, construction halted when Nikita Khrushchev decided the program had been made obsolete by the advent of guided missiles. One unit was converted to an experimental guided missile cruiser [the Adm. Nakhimov] and the Dzerhinsky was refitted in 1960 with the SA-N-2 surface to air missile. Two other units were converted to command ships in the early 1970s.


Displacement (tons): 13,200-14,480 tons standard
16,300-18,020 tons Full Load
Speed (kts): 32-33 knots
Dimensions (m): 210 meters long overall
205 meters long at waterline
22 meters beam
6.76 meters normal draft
Propulsion: 2 geared steam 118,000-128,000 shp
Crew: 1,200
Missiles: twin launcher SM-64 and 10 V-750 missiles
  • 12 x 5.98" (152mm)/57 cal B-38
    4 triple Mk5-bis turrets 2 fore 2 aft
  • 12 x 100mm/56 cal Model 1934
    6 twin SM-5-1 mounts
  • Torpedoes: 10 x 21" (533mm) tubes

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    1DzerzhinskySY 444BLACK12/21/194808/31/195008/12/195210/12/1988
    2SverdlovSY 189BALTIC10/15/194907/05/195005/15/195205/30/19891990 sold to India for scrap
    3OrdzhonikidzeSY 19410/19/194909/17/195008/18/195201/24/19631962 sold to Indonesia
    4101ZhdanovSY 189BLACK02/11/195012/27/195012/31/195204/04/19901971 command ship conversion
    1991 sold for scrap
    5Aleksandr NevskiySY 194NOR05/30/195006/07/195112/31/195212/15/1970
    6Admiral NakhimovSY 444BLACK06/27/195006/29/195103/27/195307/28/19601961 scrapped
    7Admiral UshakovSY 189BLACK08/31/195009/09/195109/08/195308/16/19871983 in reserve
    1991 scrapped
    8Admiral LasarevSY 189PAC02/06/195106/29/195212/30/195310/12/19861962-72 in reserve
    1980-86 in overhaul
    1991 scrapped
    9Mikhail KutuzovSY 444BLACK02/15/195111/29/195212/30/19541989 in reserve
    10Alexandr SuvorovSY 402PAC02/21/195105/15/195212/31/195302/15/19891991 scrapped
    11SherbacovSY 194----------06/**/195103/17/1953----------launched, cancelled 09/02/1959
    12Admiral SenyavinSY 189PAC10/31/195112/22/195211/30/195405/31/19891971 command ship conversion
    13Admiral KornilovSY 444----------11/16/195103/17/1954----------launched, cancelled 09/02/1959
    14Dimitriy PozharskiySY 189PAC02/**/195206/25/195312/31/195403/05/19871990 scrapped
    15Oktyobraskaya RevolutsiyaSY 402BALTIC07/15/195205/25/195411/30/195409/16/1987(ex-Molotovsk)
    16MurmanskSY 402NOR01/21/195304/24/195509/25/195507/03/19921994 scrapped
    17KronshtadtSY 189----------04/**/195309/11/1954----------launched, cancelled 09/02/1959
    18TallinSY 189----------09/28/195305/28/1954----------launched, cancelled 09/02/1959
    19VaryagSY 189----------02/05/1954--------------------laid down, cancelled 09/02/1959
    20Koz`ma MininSY 194----------**/**/1952--------------------laid down, cancelled 09/02/1959
    21Vladivostok SY 194----------**/**/1952--------------------(ex-Dmitry Donskoy)
    laid down, cancelled 09/02/1959
    22----------SY 194----------------------------------------planned, cancelled 09/02/1959
    23----------SY 444----------------------------------------planned, cancelled 09/02/1959
    24------------------------------------------------------------planned? cancelled 09/02/1959

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