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Russian Navy

Project 61 Kashin class
Project 61 Kashin Mod class
Guided Missile Destroyer

The Kashin class ship was designed to fulfill a variety of roles including anti-air and antisubmarine operations to defend task forces from submarines, low-flying aircraft, and cruise missiles. The ship’s hull is divided into separate compartments by 13 main watertight bulkheads, that extent to the upper deck. These bulkheads ensure that buoyancy remains stable if any three adjacent compartments are flooded. The Kashin class was commissioned in 1962, and was the first class of warship to be equipped with gas turbines. The Kashin’s four gas-outlet pipes allow the gas turbines to be replaced through their access holes. The installation of air coolers in the funnels has reduced the thermal signature of the ship by 50%. It has a top speed of 37 knots.

Six ships were modified with the addition of improved electronics and four rear-firing SS-N-2c Styx missiles. Its armament includes 10 torpedoes, 32-36 SA-N-3 missiles and 4 SS-N-2C missiles. The hull was lengthened by approximately two meters, and a stern-mounted Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) installation and an improved hull-mounted sonar were also fitted.

Five units of a variant on the Modified Kashin class design were built in USSR for export to India in the 1980s. Construction began after an interval of nearly a decade following the conclusion of building this class for the Soviet navy, and significant delays were experienced in the delivery of this ships.

The Project 61 Kashing class destroyer Otvazhnyy suffered a fire and explosion in her aft SA-N-1 SAM magazine while in the Black Sea on 30 August 1974. Damage to the ship caused her loss, and the deaths of some 200 crew members.

Almost all units of this class have been stricken, and many have been scrapped. The status of the remaining units is obscure. At least one MOD Kashin [Sderzhanny] remains in active service, though it is rapidly approaching retirement age. The Krasnyy Kavkaz is may remain in reserve, though not expected to return to service. Some sources suggest that Krashy-Krym and Skoryy remain in reserve, while other sources suggest that these units have already been discarded.



61 (Kashin) 61 (Mod Kashin)





Displacement (tons):

3,550 standard
4,510 full load
3,950 standard
4,950 full load

Speed (kts):

37-38 knots (full)

34 knots (full)
18 knots (economic)

Dimensions (m): 144 meters long
15.8 meters beam
4.6-4.8 meters draft
146 meters long
15.8 meters beam
4.6-4.8 meters draft


4 gas turbines - 72,000-96,000 (shp)
2 fixed-pitch props;
4 gas-turbine generators 600 (kW);
2 diesel-generators – 200 (kW)


2,000 n.m. (range at 30 kts),
3,500 n.m. (range at 18 kts);
10 days endurance








  • Volna air-defense missile 2 x 2 launchers (32-36 missiles)
  • Volna air-defense missile 2 x 2 launchers (32-36 missiles)
  • 4 SS-N-2c Styx (4 single)
  • Guns:

    76 mm AK-726 2 x 2 (2,400 rounds)


  • 533 mm torpedo tubes, 1 x 5
  • RBU-6000 A/S rocket launcher 2 x 12 (192 rockets)
  • RBU-1000 A/S rocket launcher 2 x 6 (48 rockets)
  • 533 mm torpedo tubes, 1 x 5
  • RBU-6000 A/S rocket launcher 2 x 12 (192 rockets)
  • Electronics

    Radars: 2 navigation radars, air target acquisition radar, air and surface target acquisition radar, fire control radar;

    Sonars: underkeel active circular-scan sonar, underkeel sonar, target designation sonar;

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    Project 61/61M/61E  Kashin
    1SKR-25Komsomolets Ukrainy SY 445BLACK09/15/1959 12/31/1960 12/31/1962 06/24/199105/**/1995 scrapped in Inkerman
    2SKR-44Soobrazitelny SY 445NOR07/20/1960 11/4/1961 12/26/1963 07/03/199210/1/88 in reserve
    1994 sold to India for scrap
    3SKR-37Provorny SY 445BLACK02/10/1961 04/21/1962 12/25/1964 08/21/1990 1974-78 modernization to Project 61E SA-N-7
    02/**/1993 scrapped in Inkerman
    4Obraztsovy SY 190BALTIC07/29/1963 02/23/1964 09/29/1965 06/30/19931995 sold for scrap
    5Odarenny SY 190PAC01/22/1963 09/11/1964 12/30/1965 04/19/1990from 07/4/87 in reserve
    1990 sold to India for scrap
    6Otvazhny SY 445PAC08/10/1963 10/17/1964 12/31/1965 (ex Orel)
    08/29/1974 sunk after internal explosion
    at least 200 crewmen killed
    7Steregushchy SY 190PAC07/26/1964 02/20/1966 12/21/1966 06/30/1993from 12/31/1978 in reserve
    1994 sold to India for scrap
    8Krasny Kavkaz SY 445BLACK11/25/1964 02/9/1966 09/25/1967 05/01/1998to be scrapped
    9Reshitelny SY 445BLACK06/25/1965 06/30/1966 12/30/1967 11/01/1989to be scrapped in India
    10Strogiy SY 445PAC02/22/1966 04/29/1967 12/24/1968 06/30/1993from 11/1/1990 in reserve
    sold to India for scrap
    1995 sunk in tow (storm)
    11Smetlivy SY 445BLACK07/15/1966 08/26/1967 09/25/1969 02/19/87 overhaul and modernization
    1995 at Sevastopol reduced tactical ability
    1999 decomissioned ?
    12Krasny Krym SY 445BLACK02/23/1968 02/28/1969 10/15/1970 06/24/19931996 sold to India for scrap
    13Sposobny SY 445PAC03/10/1969 04/11/1970 09/25/1971 01/06/19931995 sold to India for scrap
    14Skory SY 445BLACK04/20/1970 02/26/1971 09/23/1972 11/22/1997 1997 sunk along side at dock
    06/**/1998 scrapped in Inkerman
    Project 61MP Kashin-Mod
    1SKR-31Ognevoy SY 190NOR05/5/1962 05/31/1963 12/31/1964 04/25/19891971 modernization to Mod. Kashin
    1990 sold to Turkey for scrap
    2Slavny SY 190BALTIC07/26/1964 04/24/1965 09/30/1966 06/24/19911973-1975 modernization to Mod. Kashin
    02/19/1991 in reserve
    3Stroyny SY 445NOR03/20/1964 07/28/1965 12/15/1966 04/12/19901980-81 modernization to Mod. Kashin
    1994 sold to India for scrap
    4Smyshleny SY 445NOR08/15/1965 10/22/1966 09/27/1968 02/22/19931975-1977 modernization to Mod. Kashin
    scrapped in India
    5Smely SY 445BALTIC11/15/1966 02/6/1968 12/27/1969 1972-1974 modernization to Mod. Kashin
    01/19/88 transferred to Polish Navy
    renamed D.271 Warszawa (Warsaw)
    6Sderzhanny SY 445BLACK03/10/1971 02/25/1972 12/30/1973 completed as Mod.Kashin
    1999 active
    7D51RajputSY 4451980N/ABuilt for India
    8D52RanaSY 4451982N/ABuilt for India
    9D53RanjitSY 4451983N/ABuilt for India
    10D54RanvirSY 4451986N/ABuilt for India
    11D55RanvijaySY 4451988N/ABuilt for India

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