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Russian Navy

Project 58 Grozny
Kynda class
Guided Missile Cruiser

The Kynda class surface warfare cruisers, deployed during 1962-1965, were among the first of the modern Soviet warships. Initially laid down as destroyers, on 29 September 1962 they were redesignated as Rocket Cruisers. Only slightly longer than the Krupnyy and Kildin destroyer, they had significantly more firepower and could launch 16 SS-N-3b SLCMs and 24 SA-N-1 surface-to-air missiles, and also had six 21-inch torpedo tubes. The excessive top-weight of the design prompted the decision to build the larger Kresta class, and only four were built. Three of the class were stricken 1991-1993. Admiral Golovko was recommissioned from reserve in 1995 to serve as the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, though by mid-1997 the Black Sea Fleet flag had transferred to the 'Kara' class Kerch' and Golovko probably had been deactivated.


Builder: Zhdanov Yard (Northern Yard), Leningrad
Displacement (tons): 4,400 tons standard
5,500 tons full load
Speed (kts):
Dimensions (m): 141.7-141.9 meters long
15.8 meters beam
5.3 meters draft
Propulsion: 2 steam turbines; 100,000 shp; 2 shafts
Crew: 304-375 [25 officers / 279 enlisted]
Missiles: 1 twin SA-N-1 Goa launcher [24]
8 SS-N-3b Shaddock tubes [8 + 8 reloads]
Guns: 4 76.2-mm/59-cal (2 twin)
4 30-mm/65-cal (multi barrel)
Torpedoes: 6 21-in (533-mm) (2 triple)
  • MR-500 Kliver,3D Air Search radar
  • MR-302 Rubka Surface Search radar
  • Uspekh-U radar downlink
  • Don Navigation
  • Yatagan SA-N-1 fire control
  • MR-105 AK-726 fire control
  • Binom P35 Progress fire control
  • GAS-372 hull mounted Sonars
  • Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    1GroznyySY 190BALTIC02/23/196003/26/196112/30/196206/24/19911993 scrapped
    2Admiral FokinSY 190PAC10/05/196011/11/196112/28/196406/30/1993scrapped by 1994
    3Admiral GolovkoSY 190BLACK04/20/196106/18/196212/30/1964----------1995 reactivated Black Sea flagship
    1997 in reserve?
    to be scrapped
    4VaryagSY 190PAC10/13/196104/07/196308/20/196504/19/1990scrapped by 1994

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