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Russian Navy

Project 1710 Mackrel
Beluga class

The single Project Beluga-class experimental submarine featured a hull shape similar to but smaller than that of the nuclear propelled Sierra-class, with a sail similar to that of the Alfa-class. This research and development platform may have been used for testing an air independent propulsion system, as well as for tests of hull forms, propulsors and boundary layer control techniques. Last noted in operation in 1997, this trials submarine is believed to be inoperable or discarded as of mid-2000.


Builder: United Admiralty Shipyard 196
Displacement (tons): 1,400-1,485 tons surfaced
1,900 submerged
Speed (kts): 10 knots surfaced
22-24 knots submerged
Operational Depth:
Dimensions (m): 62.0-65.5 meters long
6.3-8.7 meters beam
5.6-6.0 meters draft
Propulsion: diesel electric

Class Listing

#numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
1S-533 ForelSY 196NOR---------- **/**/1986 02/**/1987 ? 1998?1998 in reserve

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