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Russian Navy

Project 1244.1 Novik

The Novik multipurpose patrol ship (SKR) is designed to perform patrol missions, search for and kill enemy submarines, escort naval ships, and defend coastlines. Very few of the parameters of the tactical and technical characteristics are known. Russian sources suggest that the length is 100 meters and displacement is 3,000 tons, while Western sources provide other estimates. The ship will be armed with an artillery system, antisubmarine weapons and sonar system, electronic equipment, and antiaircraft weapons. The Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau began design work on this class in the late 1980s. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the need for domestic Russian production of components for the design made it necessary to launch new production capacities in Russia. Work at the Kaliningrad-based Yantar Shipbuilding Plant on the Novik reportedly ceased immediately after her ceremonial keel-laying on 26 July 1997, and as of early 1999 had apparently not been resumed [and may not be resumed]. The flagship of a new series of ships of that class, probably intended as a less expensive alternative to the somewhat larger Neustrashimyy (Project 1154.0) class multirole frigates that could be produced in sufficient numbers to maintain Russian fleet force levels.


Builder: Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad
Displacement (tons): 3,000-3,600 tons full load
Speed (kts): 28-30 knots
Dimensions (m): 100-122 meters long
9 meters beam
?? meters draft
Propulsion: unkown; probably COGAG
  • 8 Kh-35/SS-N-25 Uran/Switchblade SSM
  • VLS for SAM
  • Guns:
  • 1 76.2mm/50cal DP
  • 2 30 mm AA
  • Torpedoes: 21 inch torpedo tubes

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    1NovikSY 82007/26/19972000 construction halted
    2SY 820additional units planned ?
    3SY 820additional units planned ?
    4SY 820additional units planned ?
    5SY 820additional units planned ?
    6SY 820additional units planned ?
    7SY 820additional units planned ?
    8SY 820additional units planned ?
    9SY 820additional units planned ?
    10SY 820additional units planned ?
    11SY 820additional units planned ?
    12SY 820additional units planned ?
    13SY 820additional units planned ?
    14SY 820additional units planned ?
    15SY 820additional units planned ?

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