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Russian Navy

Project 1234 Nanuchka class
Guided Missile Corvette

This heavily armed Small Missile Ship [Malyy Raketnyy Korabl' MRK] feature more gun and anti-air defense capabilities compared to previous Soviet missile ships. The remarkable amount of fire power and electronics mounted on such a small platform apparently was purchased at the price of poor sea-keeping characteristics. All Nanuchka I class ships are being scrapped, though it is difficult to establish how many remain operational, and in particular which units remain in service. Sources also disagree as to the allocation of some names amount sub-types [eg Veter and Zarya], and at least one unit was almost certainly renamed from Komsomolets Mordovy.


Builder: Petrovskiy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Ulis, Vladivostok, Russia
Displacement (tons): 730-770 tons full load
Speed (kts): 34
Dimensions (m): 59.3 meters long
11.8-12.6 meters beam
2.4-2.9 meters draft
Propulsion: 3 diesel. turbines; 3 props., 32'000 hp
Crew: 60
  • 6 P-120 Malakhit (SS-N-9 Siren) anti-ship (2 triple)
  • 6 SS-N-25 Switchblade (2 sextuple) in Nanuchka IV only
  • 1 Osa-M (SA-N-4 Gecko) anti-aircraft [20]
  • Guns:
  • 2 57-mm/80-cal AA (1 twin) in Nanuchka I
  • 1 x 2 AK-176 DP (76 mm) in Nanuchka III and IV
  • 1 x 6 AK-630 gattl. AA (6 x 30 mm; r: 6'000rds/m/mount) in Nanuchka III and IV
  • Torpedoes: no
    Other: no

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    Nanuchka I
    1Burya 1969-1976stricken
    2Grad 1969-1976stricken
    3Grom 1969-1976stricken
    4Metel' NOR1969-19761999 in service ?
    5Molnaya BALTIC1969-19761999 in service ?
    6Musson 1969-197604/16/8704/16/87 hit by ASM & sank
    7Raduga 1969-1976stricken
    8Shkval 1969-1976stricken
    9Shturm 1969-1976stricken
    10Taifun 1969-1976stricken
    11Tsiklon ???1969-19761999 in service ?
    12Veter ?BALTIC1969-19761999 in service ?
    13Vikhr' 1969-1976stricken
    14VolnaNOR1969-19761999 in service ?
    15Zarnitsa 1969-1976stricken
    16Zarya ????1969-19761999 in service ?
    17Groza 1969-1976stricken
    Nanuchka III
    2Burun BALTIC1977-1986
    5Liven BALTIC1977-1986
    6Meteor BALTIC1977-1986
    7Mirazh BLACK1977-1986
    9Passat BALTIC1977-1986
    11Priboy NOR1977-1986
    12Priliv BALTIC1977-1986
    15Shtyl BLACK1977-1986
    16Smerch PAC1977-1986
    17Tucha NOR1977-1986
    18Uragan NOR1977-1986
    Nanuchka IV
    1Nakat NOR1987

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