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Project 1135 Burevestnik
Krivak class

Project #1135 Burevestnik [Krivak I] was an entirely new design, initially believed in the West to be designed for offensive surface warfare. In reality, the class was intended primarily as a defensive ASW ship. The Krivak was designed as a less expensive and capable counterpart to the larger Kresta II and Kara classes, with which it originally shared the BPK designation. In the late 1970s the designation changed to SKR (Storozhevoy Koabl') or small antisubmarine ship, a more accurate indication of their actual capabilities.

Sources all agree that the Krivak I series consisted of 19 units with the first unit being completed in 1970, though there is a diversity of views as to whether the final unit was completed in 1980 or 1982. And while there is agreement on the names of these units, there is rather profound diversity of opinion on the construction chronology [to the extent that some sources suggest that the Poryvisty was one of the earlier ships, completed in 1974, while others contend that is was the last ship, completed in 1982].

At least two and possibly three Krivak-I frigates were modernized between 1987 and 1994. Known in the West as MOD Krivak, different sources suggest that the Soviet designation was either Project #1135.2 Mod or Project #1135.6 [the former seems perhaps more likely]. This modification featured a new surface-to-surface missile in place of old ASW rocket launcher, along with improved electronics and sonars. Though possibly planned for all Krivak-I units, further implementation of this scheme apparently foundered on financial shoals.

The Project #1135M Krivak II mainly differs from the initial version in having a different caliber gun. Sources all agree that the Krivak II series consisted of 11 units, all constructed at Shipyard 820 and completed between 1975 and 1982. And while there is agreement on the names of these units, there is considerable diversity of opinion on the construction chronology. All sources agree that one unit transfered to Ukraine, and that as of 1999 at least four further units had been discarded, while some sources suggest that three additional units had also been discarded.

In 1982 a joint Resolution of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry and the Navy approved the development of the Project 1135 and Project 1135.1 escort ships, based on new design and operation requirements to advanced AA/ASW, radio and radar equipment with a strike capability against surface ships. At the same time the Project 1154 class, with a similar displacement, was focused on combatting submarines and provide antisubmarine, antiship and antiaircraft defense to surface ship task forces and convoys. The Project 1135.1 Nerey [also reported as Project #1135P] Krivak III class was initially constructed for the KGB Maritime Border Guard, and have probably been transferred to the Russian Navy, under the Project 1135.5 designation. The Krivak-III also features 100-mm gun that replaces the SS-N-14 ASW missile launcher found on other models. Although having less ASW capability than the Krivak-1/II, they do embark a utility helicopter. Two units were transferred to Ukraine prior to completion.

The Krivak IV [reportedly Project #1135.2 though plausibly #1135.6] is a proposed design intended solely for export, with the same general layout as the Krivak III, though with improved electronics and weapons. Three modified Krivak-class frigates are under construction for India in St Petersburg. The first Talwar-type frigate for India was laid down at the Baltiisky Zavod shipyard in St. Petersburg in March 1999, was afloat by mid 2000. The Baltiisky Zavod is building the second frigate, and the third frigate was laid down at the end of May 2000. The Talwar-type frigate is a further development of the Project 11351 patrol ship designed by the Severnoye Design Bureau. Ships of this type were initially built for coast guard forces. Project 1135.6 frigates differ from Project 1135.1 patrol ships in the range of tasks they can perform and in the assortment of weapon systems. The latter include the Club-N missile system recently developed by the Yekaterinburg-based Novator Design Bureau. The Talwar-type frigates carry eight standardized vertical launch tubes of the Club-N system which are installed in front of the pilot house. Another missile system, Shtil, installed closer to the bow, is intended to combat air targets at a range of 3 to 25 km. Its ammunition load comprises 24 missiles.

Plans to acquire another three vessels of the class is unlikely to occur, as priority is being given to construction in India of the indigenous Project 17 Class frigates. There is no indication that the Russian Navy is a potential customer for further units of this class.


Designation Krivak I
Project #1135
Krivak Mod
Project #1135.2
Krivak II
Project #1135M
Krivak III
Project #1135.1
Project #1135P / 1135.5
  • Severnaya Verf 190, St. Petersburg
  • Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad
  • Zalin Zavod 532, Kerch
  • Severnaya Verf 190, St. Petersburg
  • Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad
  • Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad
  • Zaliv Zavod 532, Kerch'
  • Displacement (tons): 3,420-3,700 tons full load3,675 tons full load3,505-3,800 tons full load3,670-3,900 tons full load
    Speed (kts): 30-32 knots30-32 knots30-32 knots30-32 knots
    Dimensions (m): 123.1-123.5 meters long
    14.1-14.2 meters beam
    4.6-7.3 meters draft
    123.5-126 meters long
    14.1-14.2 meters beam
    4.6-8 meters draft
    123.1-123.5 meters long
    14.1-14.2 meters beam
    4.6-7.3 meters draft
    123.5 meters long
    14.1-14.2 meters beam
    4.6-7.2 meters draft
    Propulsion: COGAG: 2 cruise gas turbines 24,000-24,200 shp, 2 boost gas turbines 36,000-48,600 shp; 2 shafts,
    Crew: 181-200 181-200 181-200 198-200
  • 2 Osa-MA SAM systems (40 4K-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)
  • 4 URK-5/SS-N-14 Rastrub/Silex SSM/ASW missiles
  • 2 Osa-MA SAM systems (40 4K-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)
  • 4 URK-5/SS-N-14 Rastrub/Silex SSM/ASW missiles
  • 8 Kh-35/SS-N-25 Uran/Switchblade SSM
  • 2 Osa-MA SAM systems (40 4K-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)
  • 4 URK-5/SS-N-14 Rastrub/Silex SSM/ASW missiles
  • 1 Osa-MA SAM system (20 9M-33/SA-N-4 Gecko SAM)
  • Guns:
  • 2 dual 76.2mm/59 cal DP
  • 2 dual 76.2mm/59cal DP
  • 2 single 100mm/59cal DP
  • 1 single 100mm/59cal DP
  • 2 30 mm AA
  • Torpedoes: 8 21 inch torpedo tubes 8 21 inch torpedo tubes 8 21 inch torpedo tubes 8 21 inch torpedo tubes
  • 2 RBU-6000 ASW RL
  • 12-20 mines
  • 12-20 mines
  • 2 RBU-6000 ASW RL
  • 12-20 mines
  • 2 RBU-6000 ASW RL
  • 12-20 mines
  • Aircraftnonenonenone1 Ka-27 helicopter

    Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    Project #1135 Burevestnik Krivak I
    1Bditelny SY 190NOR1970scrapped
    2Bodry SY 820BALTIC1971scrapped
    3Dostoiny SY 190NOR1971scrapped
    4Svirepy SY 8201971-731994scrapped
    5Dobelstny SY 53219721992scrapped
    6Silny SY 5321972-731994scrapped
    7Rasyashchy SY 5321972-731992scrapped
    8Storozhevoi SY 190BALTIC1972-73
    9Razumny SY 190PAC1973-74
    10Poryvisty SY 1901974-821995 museum ship
    11Zharki SY 190NOR1975
    12Druzhny SY 190BALTIC1975
    13Retivy SY 1901975-761996scrapped
    14Deyatelny SY 1901975-771995scrapped
    15Dnipropetrovsk SY 5321976-80ex-Buzukoriznenny
    1997 to Ukraine
    16Bezzavetny SY 820BLACK1978ex-Bezzavetny
    to Ukraine
    17Zadorny SY 190BALTIC1978-79
    18Ladny SY 532BLACK1980
    Project #1135.2 [#1135.6?] Burevestnik Krivak Mod
    1Letuchky SY 820PAC1975-771987 modernized ??
    2Legkiy SY 190NOR1976-77ex-Leningradskiy Komsomolets
    1987-90 modernized
    3Pylkiy SY 190BALTIC1978-791987-94 modernized
    Project #1135M Burevestnik Krivak II
    1Rezvy SY 820NOR1975
    2Bessmenny SY 8201975-781996scrapped
    3Rezkiy SY 82019761996scrapped
    4Grozyashchy SY 8201976-771996scrapped
    5SevastopolSY 8201977ex-Razitelnyy
    to Ukraine
    6Gordelivy SY 8201978-791995scrapped
    7Neukrotimy SY 820BALTIC1978
    8Gromky SY 820NOR1979? scrapped
    9Ryany SY 820PAC1980? scrapped
    10Revnosty SY 820PAC1980?scrapped
    11Pytlivy SY 820BLACK1982
    Project #1135P / 1135.5 Burevestnik Krivak III [KGB]
    1Menzhinsky SY 532PAC 08/**/1984
    2Dzerzhinsky SY 532PAC08/**/1985
    3OrelSY 532PAC1986ex-Imeni XXVII Sezda KPSS
    ? Decommissioned
    4PskovSY 532PAC1988ex-Imeni LXX Letiya VChk-KGB
    5AnadyrSY 532PAC1989ex-Imeni LXX Letiya Pogranvoysk
    6KedrovSY 532PAC1990
    7VorovskySY 532PAC1990
    8Hetman Sagaidachny SY 532PAC1993to Ukraine
    9Krasnyy VympelSY 532cancelled
    Project #1135.2 [#1135.6?] Burevestnik Krivak IV
    1INS TalwarSY 53203/**/199906/**/20002002Three building for India
    2INS TrishulSY 53209/**/20002003Three building for India
    3INS ToofanSY 53205/**/20002003Three building for India
    4SY 532Up to 6 for India ?
    5SY 532Up to 6 for India ?
    6SY 532Up to 6 for India ?

    Krivak I

    Krivak II

    Krivak III

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