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Project 1134 Berkut Kresta I
Project 1134A Berkut-A Kresta II
Guided Missile Cruiser

The Kresta class ships were designed for antisubmarine and surface warfare operations, and to provide additional air defense coverage for Russian task forces. There are two variations of the Kresta class ships. Though considerably larger, more effective and reliable than the previous Kynda, the Kresta I surface warfare cruisers carried only half as many Shaddock launch tubes and one-fourth the total number of missiles. The Kresta I could launch four SS-N-3b SLCMs and 44 SA-N-1 surface-to-air missiles, and have ten 21-inch torpedo tubes. A single Ka-25 Hormone B is carried for targeting the cruise missile, and mid-course corrections.

Responding to urgent ASW requirements, the SS-N-14 Silex anti-submarine system was employed on the much more capable Project 1134.B (Kresta II), replacing the four SS-N-3 Shaddock anti-ship missiles used on the Kresta I. A helicopter hanger, designed to house one Ka-27PL (Helix) is located on the stern. The Kresta II carries a single nuclear-capable Ka-25 Hormone A helicopter, which could probably deliver nuclear depth bombs. Alterations in hull dimensions provided these ASW cruisers with 38% more below-deck space, allowing the Kresta II to carry more Shtorm and Osa-M air-defense missiles than the Kresta I -- a total of 72 SA-N-3 surface-to-air missiles are carried. The Kresta II is equipped with 76 mm gun mounts, which replaced the 57 mm mounts found on Kresta I ships. The Kresta II class uses a gas-turbine propulsion system that is lighter and more compact than the boilers used on the Kresta I.

Four Kresta I class cruisers became operational during 1967-1969, and ten Kresta II cruisers entered service during 1969-1978. There is rather considerable disagreement among various sources as to the construction sequence and chronology of the units of this class [to the extent that sources disagree as to whether the Admiral Zozulya was the first or the fourth of the Kresta-I class, and as to whether it was launched in 1965 or in 1967]. All Kresta class ships had been stricken by 1994, and as of early 2000 most were believed to have been sold to foreign shipbreakers.


Builder: North Shipyard, St Petersburg (formerly Zdanov Shipyard), Russia
Designation Project 1134 Berkut
Kresta I
Project 1134A Berkut-A
Kresta II
Displacement (tons): 6,140-6,200 tons standard
7,600-7,640 tons full load
5,650-6,200 tons standard
7,535-7,700 tons full load
Speed (kts): 34 knots 34 knots
Dimensions (m): 155.5 meters long
16.8-17.0 meters beam
6.0-6.8 meters draft
158.9-159.0 meters long
16.8-17.0 meters beam
6.0-7.8 meters draft
Propulsion: 2 steam turbines
91,000-100,000 shp
2 shafts
2 steam turbines
91,000-100,000 shp
2 shafts
Crew: 343-360
[39 officers / 321 enlisted]
  • 4 SS-N-3B Shaddock (2 twin)
  • 2 twin SA-N-1 Volna launchers [44]
  • 8 SS-N-14 Silex (2 quad)
  • 2 twin SA-N-3 Goblet launchers [72]
  • Guns:
  • 4 57-mm/70-cal AK-725 AA (2 twin)
  • 4 57-mm/70-cal AA (2 twin)
  • 4 30-mm/65-cal close-in (4 multi-barrel)
  • Torpedoes: 10 21-in (533-mm) (2 quin) 10 21-in (533-mm) (2 quin)
    Aircraft: 1 Ka-25 Hormone-B 1 Ka-25 Hormone-A
  • MR500 Kliver Air Search radar
  • MR302 Rubka,3D Surface Search radar
  • MR-310 Angara Surface Search radar
  • Don Navigation
  • Yatagan SA-N-1 fire control
  • MR103 AK725 fire control
  • Binom P35 Progress fire control
  • MG-312 hull mounted Sonar
  • MG-26 Sonar
  • Top Sail/MR600 Air Search radar
  • Head Net C/MR-310 Angara, 3D Surface Search radar
  • Grom SA-N-1 fire control
  • MR-103 AK-725 fire control
  • Drakon RPK-3 fire control
  • MG-322 hull mounted Sonar
  • MG-26 communications Sonar
  • MG-35 Shtil Sonar
  • Class Listing

    #numberName Laid Down Launched Comm. Stricken
    Project 1134 Berkut Kresta I
    1Vitse Admiral DrozdSY 190NOR10/26/196511/18/196812/27/196810/01/1990sank March 1992
    2VladivostokSY 190PAC12/24/196408/01/196709/11/196901/10/19901995 scrapped
    3SevastopolSY 190PAC06/08/196604/28/196709/25/196910/01/19901991 scrapped
    4Admiral ZozulyaSY 190NOR07/26/196510/17/196710/08/196909/**/1994scrapped 1995
    Project 1134A Berkut-A Kresta II
    1KronshtadtSY 190NOR12/12/196602/10/196812/29/196906/24/1991scrapped
    2Admiral IsakovSY 190NOR01/15/196811/22/196812/28/197006/30/1993scrapped
    3Admiral NakhimovSY 190BALTIC01/15/196804/15/196911/29/197101/31/1991scrapped
    4Admiral MakarovSY 190NOR02/23/196901/22/197010/25/197207/01/1992scrapped in India
    5KhabarovskSY 190PAC03/20/197010/08/197109/15/197307/03/1992 ex-Marshal Voroshilov
    01/24/1991 renamed
    scrapped in India
    6Admiral OktyabrskySY 190PAC06/02/197005/21/197112/28/197306/30/1993
    7Admiral IsachenkovSY 190BALTIC10/03/197003/28/197211/05/197407/03/1992scrapped in India
    8Marshal TimoshenkoSY 190NOR11/02/197210/21/197311/25/197507/03/1992
    9Vasily ChapayevSY 190PAC12/22/197311/28/197411/30/197606/30/1993
    10Admiral YumashevSY 190NOR04/17/197409/30/197612/30/197702/23/1993

    Kresta I

    Kresta II

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